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Upward communication enhances the relationship between the managers and the workers which make the workers feel as part and parcel of the firm. Horizontal communications refer to positive relations between people of the same level. This means that departmental managers should develop positive relations in order to increase the connection of service delivery between the departments. This will allow effective information flow between the departments.

In downward communication, messages and information flow from the managers to subordinates. Effective and timely delivery of information from the manager to the subordinates enhances the time within which activities are undertaken in the firm.

A delay in the flow of information from the manager delays every other activity being undertaken in the firm. Therefore, all persons from the manager to the subordinates must work together to achieve the desired objectives. Ethical and social responsibilities that confront a business Ethical responsibilities refer to the acceptable code of conducts that guide the behaviour of people in the organization. Ethical responsibilities may be determined by the government, customers, competitors and the business environment at large Weybrecht, For example, courtesy in dealing with customers may be an important consideration in beating competitors.

The dressing code may be determined by the government to enhance smartness during service delivery both in private and public held institutions. For example, producing high quality products and selling the products at an affordable price is a social responsibility Weybrecht, Additionally, adopting green production methods to reduce emission of green house gases is another social responsibility.

Providing a safe and healthy working environment is another example of social responsibility. Treating customers with courtesy and paying the pending debts in time is another important concept in the area of social responsibilities that confront a business. Positive behaviour concept in the organization includes relating with other people positively and following proper channels of dispute resolution.

It also involves dressing smartly in the office in order to gain respect particularly from the customers. Ethical and social responsibilities are important considerations in the organization without which the business may not yield the desired objectives. Conclusion In the above sections, different areas that touch sufficiently on operations in the firm have been discussed.

They include dynamic business environment where concepts such as economic changes, market conditions and changes in business regulations and policies. The other area discussed is critical business functions where concepts such as human resource, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, production or operation, information technology, research and development as well as customer service have been discussed.

The area of integration of individuals and systems has also been discussed. The concepts discussed here include upward communication, horizontal communication and, downward communication. All these make up the flow of communication in the organization.

Further, the area of ethical and social responsibilities has been discussed. Check essay about a book myocardial ischaemia.

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Essay on human resource management HRM paper. Money as a motivator at work essay. Essay on Leadership and Organizational Behavior - Hofstede. Health care organization essay. Money as a motivator at work essay The strengths and weaknesses of money as a motivator at work.

Project Management Essay The problem of implementing the main strategies of project management. Money as a motivator at work essay In what ways can a worker be motivated at work?

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This essay will discuss the notion that scientific management was a ‘good’ idea in the history of management thinking, by looking at the historical backgrounds and political beliefs of economist, also how the develop management theory by conducting experiments, and how their theories made it into the managing business does and how do they work.

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In today's modern world companies are expanding more rapidly than ever before. There is no longer an age limit on the entrepreneurs of today, anyone with an idea, the opportunity and the willingness to take a risk can amass a fortune for themselves. It is when they have turned their ideas into a /5(14). A custom written essay example below provides you with some information about the main functions of management. Be sure to use it at your convenience.