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Manhattan Project

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One major element of the procedure includes total and complete secrecy. During times of war, everyone involved is trying to be the victor and it is imperative that all intelligence stays within the respective governments.

It is because of the fact that the Manhattan Project was testing and developing the atomic bomb for use to win the World War II that the project had to absolutely be kept a complete secret.

One of the biggest secrets of the time was that there were tons of sites all across the United States of America that were dedicated to replicating a town and observing the type of destruction that the town would face due to the dropping of an atomic bomb. If the research and development of the A-bomb would have been discovered, then history could potentially have ended up much different than it did. In regards to the Manhattan Project, this was a pivotal moment in the history of creating new and innovative explosives and bombs for their use in war.

The Manhattan Project helped to research and develop the use of the A-bomb in times of war. Some of the most important elements of the Manhattan Project include it secrecy, the codenames, the significant amount of various sites for testing and research across the United States, and the competitive edge that it gave the US during the time of World War II. Essay Help is Here Essay and research paper writing can be easy. The Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project was a very secret and unique project that was focused on the development of the first atomic bomb.

Basic Essay Writing Rules Make up a realistic topic Do a quick literature research Start with the body, not with the intro Summarize the key points in your conclusion Spend much time proofreading Revise the final draft Homework writing services How to write a university essay?

Middle school essay topics Home Writing an essay is not easy but we can help! They all decided that the Ranch School Buildings would suffice in housing for the duration of the project. Many different scientists from all fields came together at Los Alamos to perfect the nuclear energy, physicists, chemists, metallurgists, explosive experts and military personnel. Humongous laboratories were hurriedly built in order for work to be started right away. Everybody questioned if they would be able to actually harness the power of nuclear energy, if it was actually attainable.

They were worrying if the energy would be controllable or if it could be thermally stable. Many scientists feared of the ignition of the atmosphere, thus ending the world or would they be able to attain this powerful weapon before the Nazis.

It took two years of hard labor by scientists to come up with an actual test bomb, the gadget. They experimented highly with different metals and explosives to find the best equation of materials for a stable product. The crew worked relentlessly day and night for six days a week trying to win the nuclear energy race.

Two days later it arrived at the testing site where it was completely assembled in a tent right at the base of the tower. Later that day it was hoisted up the foot tower without the detonators installed.

That next day the detonators were installed on The Gadget and last minute checks being performed to make the test run smoothly. On July 16th 5: The detonation proved successful creating a massive fireball that lit up the land brighter than the sun. This was the beginning of the Atomic age.

The news spread to President Truman and eventually Joseph Stalin. This humongous breakthrough reverberated within the scientific community as well. The great news was then followed by what bombs they were going to detonate over Japan. No more than three weeks later the U. The explosive energy that came from it was between 13 and 18 kilotons of TNT. The death toll was well over , people and even more by the end of the year.

It was the first uranium-based detonation and a rare one because of the difficulty and time it took to get the amount of enriched uranium This bombing on Japan was still not enough for them to surrender which ends up with another bombing doing more extensive damage.

This bomb was created with a plutonium core, similar to that of The Gadget. This made it inaccurate and risky because it was an expensive weapon that had to have ideal conditions. The blast of the Fat Man was far greater than its counterpart but it caused less deaths. It was detonated at an altitude of 1, feet and had the explosive power of 21 kilotons of TNT.

It killed just fewer than 50, people in an instant and a further 25, injured. Japan had just endured two of the most powerful explosions on earth with over , people wiped out. On the 15th of August Emperor Hirohito surrendered to the U.

The surrender ceremony was held on board the U. It was the most ever spent on a war in all of U. Ever since the days when the U. There have been countless amounts of debates between scholars and historians about whether Japan would have surrendered with the bombs or not.

I would have to disagree with it being wrong. Japan harmed our country with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was sided with Nazi Germany the most feared country in the world.

If they could withstand one atomic bomb explosion and not back down what really could the U. It took force to make them stop; no fancy treaty was going to lead Hirohito to sign it. They wanted power just like the rest of the Axis powers. They worked magnificently but were disregarded as very dangerous and never again to be used in warfare. Today would be much different if Nazi Germany had gotten a hold of the powerful weapon and used it against us.

We were overseas plenty far away for him not to be affected by it. This technology had to be developed in order to win the war. The Manhattan Project completed its mission and saved the whole world from a potential dictatorship. The smartest minds in science and mathematics came together to come up with a formula to harness the energy in atoms by splitting them.

This discovery changed the course of history and has led to very messy and very proud situations. This was the first war to include nuclear warfare and so far it is still the only one. People are afraid of this technology because it can decimate entire cities and kill thousands of people at once in an instant. It is something that needs to be used strategically and as a last resort.

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The Manhattan Project Essay - The Manhattan Project On the morning of August 6, , a B bomber named Enola Gay flew over the industrial city of Hiroshima, Japan and dropped the first atomic bomb ever. The city went up in flames caused by the immense power equal to about 20, tons of TNT. The project was a success.

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Essay: Manhattan Project In the early morning hours of July 16, , the first ever nuclear explosion took place in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The explosion was the first test of the most destructive weapon ever known to man, and was the result of almost six years of research and development by some of the world’s top scientists.

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The Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project This operation began in and its sole mission was to create a weapon so powerful it could wipe out cities in an instant. The Manhattan Project was created by the U. S. military in fear of such power being first discovered by the Nazis, their enemy. The base [ ]. The Manhattan Project was the secret name for the United States project prior to World War II in order to design and build a nuclear weapon.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | two atomic bombs was long and hard. The Manhattan project employed , people, and cost almost $2 billion. Although there. Apr 23,  · View and download manhattan project essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your manhattan project essay.