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❶Historians believe the Archimedes Screw was invented when King Hieron II approached Archimedes with the request of building a large luxury ship. What helped me the most were encyclopedias, books and the Internet.

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It was during the cities take over that Archimedes was killed. There is rumors about what lead up to a Roman solider killing him. Some historians believe his death was due to Archimedes not willing to give up his mathematical diagrams of mirrors that would burn the Roman ships. Archimedes father was named Phidias who was an astronomer. There are currently not many documents of Archimedes upbringing.

In fact there is only one record of his life that was written by his friend Heracleides. Unfortunately this biography was lost. Archimedes thought of himself as first a mathematician and secondly an inventor, his other qualities where simply additional characteristics.

He received his knowledge by spending most of his life studying in Syracuse but did spend some time in Alexandria and Egypt possibly with another ancient mathematician known as Euclid. Besides Euclid, Archimedes partnered with other mathematicians of his time. These mathematicians are Conon of Samos and Eratosthenes of Cyrene. Along with studying with these individuals, Archimedes published some of his works in correspondence with them.

Greatest Accomplishments Archimedes is famous for several great accomplishments by many during his time period and individuals within this present time period. He is known to have written several books and other types of work. One book which is actually divided into two books is called On the Sphere and Cylinder. On the Sphere and Cylinder describes characteristics of spheres and cylinders as identified by Archimedes.

He goes into detail the surface area of any sphere has a radius that is four times that of its greatest circle and the volume of a sphere is two-thirds that of the cylinder in which it is inscribed Encyclopedia Britannica, n. Archimedes was so proud of his discovery that he had his tomb marked with a sphere inscribed within a cylinder. Another one of his greatest accomplishments would include his determining of the exact measurement of pi.

He was one of the first mathematicians to begin studying PI. This was deemed very impressive back in his day and in the current modern day. Archimedes created a great invention that is still used in some parts of the world today it is called the Archimedes Screw. Our friendly and helpful support managers are second to none.

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Free Archimedes papers, essays, and research papers. The Life Of Archimedes - Archimedes, considered on of the greatest minds of the ancient world was born on the island of Sicily in the Greek city of Syracuse in the year B.C.

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Archimedes, also known as Archimedes of Syracuse was born in Syracuse, Sicily in BC. The exact date of his birth is not known, but the commonly accepted date of BC derives from a statement given by 12th century historian John Tzetzes in that Archimedes had lived for 75 years.

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Archimedes was so thoughtful with the study of math, and because of it, it led to many important discoveries and principles for us today. What helped me the most were encyclopedias, books and the Internet. Archimedes is believed to have been born in B. in Syracuse, Sicily, and died in B. His father was Phidias, who was an astronomer. We would know more about his life if his biography, written by his friend Hercleide, had not been lost (Archimedes of Syracuse/5(3).

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These published essays include The method of Mechanical Theorems and the Cattle Problem (“Archimedes”, n. d.). Greatest Accomplishments Archimedes is famous for several great accomplishments by many during his time period and individuals within this present time period. He is known to have written several books and other types of work. Archimedes Essay examples Words | 7 Pages. recorded history. It was not until Archimedes of Syracuse came along, that the theory of flotation and the buoyancy principle were defined. Archimedes was born at Syracuse on .