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Get professional personal statement editing and proofreading help today!

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❶Could some help me fix this? You know how to work with clients and know how to do work perfectly.

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Citizen 3 , cactusman , Tabiyou and 2 others like this. Aug 15, Messages: May 22, Messages: How are adcoms to know where your writing ends and your paid consultant's begins? If you are so confident in your writing, save your money. Ask a few close friends or professors you've worked with to look things over. The more confident you are in your writing, the fewer people you'll need.

Remember, you have secondaries to look forward to, as well. The real measure of your writing will be taken into account there. Apr 5, Messages: OP, just ignore some of these trolls here. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is medicine. Jun 24, Messages: I might be late for a reply. But I used Brain, gurufi. I also needed fresh eyes to revise my statement after having a friend and advisor read it. I worked in the ER and one of the PAs recommended me to him.

I was very pleased with the outcome. Being a non-native english speaker, I struggle with sentence structure and word choice, but he was able to help me with this, but still keep my voice. He also helped me shortened it, which was much needed.

I highly recommended him. As for secondaries, I think they are easier to write because they are more focused, unlike the PS that is so broad so I struggled being concise and clear. Also, I am applying in Texas and some schools don't even have secondaries so I wanted my statement to be the best it could be. Best of luck applying! Mar 15, Messages: Brian from Gurufi is awesome, very approachable and gives excellent tips on what kinds of PS to use and edits it in a very captivating way!

Jan 24, Messages: Just wondering how useful these services are, and what kind of service is 'accepted'? Can't you also shine in your written communication skills writing about all those experiences?

Jun 28, Messages: Will any of the above take a look at my personal statement please? I highly recommend Brian from Gurufi. He is very talented. He made my essay's overall flow very smooth, and cut off redundant meanings and made the sentences simple and powerful. Even though we were telling the same story, the way he told it was way more vivid and touching. The price is fair and the results definitely exceeded my expectation. Jul 31, Messages: Oct 13, Messages: Jun 4, Messages: You must log in or sign up to post here.

Share This Page Tweet. Your member name or email address: Unlike proofreading that focuses more on finding mistakes with spelling and grammar, a proper residency personal statement edit gets more involved with finding and fixing errors in layout, sentence construction, wordiness and ensuring that the content flows smoothly, enabling the reader to easily absorb the information. By using our personal statement editing services, you get this and so much more to ensure that your personal statement will be the best presented on a review board will see.

Proofreading is often confused with editing but they are not the same process. A personal statement proofreader disconnects from the content in order to focus better on finding spelling and grammatical errors that would otherwise be hard to find.

Our personal statement proofreading services employ the best and most highly qualified native English speakers that will methodically go through to check and then eliminate any errors they come across. Ensuring that your personal statement is presented in the right way is just as important as making sure it contains no errors.

The first thing a review board will notice is the layout; from the font that has been used, the margin areas or white space and how the paragraphs have been neatly arranged to give a touch of professionalism to it. As well as guiding you to correct these problem areas within your personal statement, our professional editors can also give institutional specific assistance with how to present your application essay in the correct house style; APA, CMS or MLA etc Once you have finished writing your personal statement and after taking a short break, you then need to start reading it through thoroughly and find ways in which it can be improved.

By carrying out a thorough application essay review, you should find it easier to build on the information you have already written down, but many people often find it difficult to improve their work. Our personal statement revision service will look for better ways in which to expand and then present your details, building a better profile of your achievements to make it easy for a review board to see just how well your goals and their expectations align.

Has full control of the English language and all its complexities Keeps within the confines and strictures of the governing academic writing rules Holds a post graduate degree in their specialist subject Have a long history of helping students overcome problems with their personal statements Uses standard industry symbols to supply editing that tracks every change.


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Oct 12,  · Residency Personal Statements may be good or better but for me it's one of the best service that i think so. it gives their personal statement that i am looking for such a long time. thanks him Last edited by kala; at AM.

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Get professional personal statement editing and proofreading help today! Editing Services. Professional Personal Statement Editing Services; The comments from the editor really help me guide my writing and how I shape my argument. It is one of the best features of this service. Dr. Luigi Schiavo, Nutrizionist, Second University of Naples. Want an Outstanding Personal Statement? While the following guidelines are intended specifically for writing personal statements for medical residency and medical fellowship in the U.S., these same concepts apply to personal statements for all other programs as well.

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Medical Personal Statement Editing Services. There were several student papers that dealt with nutrition that could have been much more successful if they had been run past a medical school personal statement editing expert first. Residency Statement’s two all-inclusive services are for you to choose from to solve any Personal Statement problems. If you have written a Personal Statement you would like cleaned up and refined, the Editing Service (S-ES) is for you.