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Thank you so much for playing an integral creative role in my invitation design. The creative collaboration has been a delight!

I'm so glad to have Custom Paper Tubes as my newest creative partner. Our new company recently launched its product line at our annual convention. One of our products was proudly displayed in your tube. It looked great and was just what we wanted for our product.

Everyone I talk to is very nice and pleasant. I always get prompt service and quality product. Well done on your new website. Much more user-friendly and attractive. David, Tracy, and Troy took very good care of me. We are very pleased with the product we received. We still have more testing to go, but the tubes are holding up very well.

Think Outside The Box. Packaging to Fit Your Every Need. Please clearly indicate the following: This document is simply an invoice with a complete description of the goods being shipped, along with the proper valuations and currency information.

An additional copy should be attached to the Bill of Lading. If this document is missing, the highest rates may be applied to each consignment, and U. Customs may not allow the goods into the country. Unless your customer requests otherwise, you should request a border clearance via PARS Pre-arrival review system in order to minimize cost and expedite your shipment.

If any forms are incomplete, your shipment may fail PARS which may result in your shipment being re-directed to an inland sufferance warehouse for clearance. The PARS release information contains the shipment's estimated time and date of arrival, the invoice data and the original copy of any required permits. The release recommendation will be ready when your goods arrive if you submit your PARS request at least:.

When your shipment arrives, Canada Customs will release it in minutes unless an examination is required. Design Services Express yourself and create your own designer wrapping paper!

Personalization Creating the perfect rolls of gift wrapping paper online can take only minutes! Testimonials Did you love your personalized wrapping paper from Giftskins. Decide who the present is for. With many different styles and designs to choose from, you want to make sure that the recipient is accurately represented in the style of wrap that you choose.

For a child, a spaceship or fire truck design is perfect. For your wife, a slightly more elegant design would be suitable. Decide if you want to personalize your wrapping paper with a single picture repeated, multiple pictures, or no picture at all. Decide what you want to say. Is this going to be funny? Or is it sweet? There are many different options to choose from.

If you will be giving multiple presents, it might be a good idea to make a few different rolls. Get a list of all the people who you would like to give custom wrapping paper to.

Make and order all your rolls in one shot. This will result in discounted shipping and will also make the price per roll cheaper. Hint- Do not limit yourself to gift wrap found in any single category. For example, many wedding designs may be easily converted into anniversary gift wrap.

Baby shower gift wrap might also work great for Christmas wrapping paper. Just remember to check every category for the perfect custom gift wrap design!

Give your presents and be prepared for the questions. Where did you get this? How did you do this? How did you think of something so creative!?


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Paper 2 hours in advance When your shipment arrives, Canada Customs will release it in minutes unless an examination is required. For further information on PARS please contact your customs broker.

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