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help on dissertation 4g technology

❶Some of the suggested study areas on IP Multimedia Subsystem technological evolution are the following:

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help on dissertation 3g technology
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As far technical advancement is concerned, Australia provides a comprehensive legal framework for the protection of technology and intellectual property rights Clayton, The mobile phone industry is purely competitive market.

Since the initial capital for a mobile phone service provider is extremely high, the threat of new entrants is high.

A handsome amount of money is required to be invested to establish a successful operation, and it is difficult for any firm to enter the market since the initial costs of setting up such a business are very high with high competition.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers. The bargaining power of suppliers is low as the suppliers have limited control due to the bulk of orders provided by network operators. Hence, the mobile phone operator dominates over supplier.

With the increase of competition in the market, mobile phone carriers seeks to provide new and attractive features to the mobile phones to capture the market, thereby, creating pressure on the suppliers.

Bargaining Power of Buyers. There is a low bargaining power of buyers and customers in mobile phone industry as the buyer and customer can easily switch over from one brand to another by paying a minimum termination fee.

The Substitute of mobile phone is a mobile phone having additional features. Many research and studies into mobile phone technology has been taken place. Intensity of Rivalry among Competitors. With the merger of Vodafone and Hutchison the market share of the company has dropped to 17 percent while the Telstra captures 55 per of the total market share. Optus shares a stagnant per cent of the total market share.

On the basis of market share, it is clearly indicated that Telstra is emerging as the leader of Mobile network market Ben, The mobile phone industry has become a perfectly competitive market over the years with the attractiveness of affordable mobile phones as well as lower service costs. With advance technology and communication sector many companies are competing with each other so as their success can attract customers to buy their products and services. With becoming a basic necessity, mobile phone industry is growing at a rapid pace..

Optus mobile offers not only mobile phones for personal and business usage but also provide network and enterprise solutions. To serve its customers in a qualitative manner, Optus mobile owns and operates its own network infrastructure. The year marked a fruitful year for the company as the company announced its billion dollar fight for recovering its market share in the telecommunication industry.

The company has a dominant power in providing fixed line services to its customers. Telstra, today, provides basic access services to over eight million fixed lines and more than Vodafone and Hutchison Australia is a joint venture between Vodafone Australia and Hutchison Australia resulted in creating a mobile communication of approximately 7 million subscribers.

The joint venture was created on June 10, on a basis. However, the joint venture between Vodafone and Hutchison did not show a successful reward as the market share of the company dropped to 17 percent.

Vodafone employees more than 4, employees and provides mobile services to more than 6. Mobile phones have become attractive products because of their usefulness. Today there are more than million people using mobile-phone in Australia. With enhanced features and data applications available on mobile phones, mobile phones have become a necessity in a human life rather than a luxury item.

Mobile phone users use mobile phones not only for talking rather for using the enhanced features of the mobile phone. And the population segment that uses mobile phone other than talking is between the years. However, dependency of consumers on mobile phones can be a threat that forces consumers to pay much higher for mobile phone services than they usually pay.

Though the mobile phone service industry is especially vulnerable to the threat of downturns in economic cycles and has to contend with many political-legal issues it is an attractive industry. There are many opportunities available over a wide range of areas.

Some of these particular opportunities are to cater to an aging population, offer ease of communication for busy families, developing mobile phone trends, have a strong online presence to serve lifestyle questions, and serve local products to avoid some global issues. Hence, you may consider narrowing down your topic to a specific technology and its specific scenarios under study.

In addition to the suggestions above, please contact us at consulting etcoindia. It has evolved alongside mobile networking technologies and is currently highly portable on the existing 4G platforms. Some of the suggested study areas on IP Multimedia Subsystem technological evolution are the following: Apologies for the Interruption!! Some of the suggested study areas on IEEE The editable WiFi network objects in OPNET can be used to configure exact existing standards'-based or projected future standards' specifications.

D QoS for VoIP over Satellite links - connecting high altitude cities to the metropolitan cities over mobile telephony. Later on, I realised that this topic, that had become dormant many years back, is getting active once again due to some scintillating innovations in high latency VoIP QoS settings for acceptable voice quality over satellite networks. Hence, it is worthwhile to research this subject area further on many aspects.

Regions that are located at very high altitudes like Alaska, Leh, Laddakh, Tibet, etc. But the quality of service has always remained a problem. Some of the suggested study areas on Satellite communications' technological evolution in the 4G era are the following: The editable Satellite communications network objects in OPNET can be used to configure exact existing standards'-based or projected future standards' specifications.

A large number of topics can be designed on positioning a specific mobile technology for a specific application, and simulating the same in the laboratory.

F Cisco IOS based networking projects employing Cisco Packet Tracer - You can design multiple research topics on accurate implementation of wireless networks by modelling Cisco products, and configure the entire network by modelling exact product configurations, connectivity and IOS commands on Cisco Packet Tracer.

You can run multiple tests on Cisco Packet Tracer, in exactly the same way as they are executed in real world Cisco projects. In fact, this approach of doing research is one step ahead of OPNET, at the data link, network and transport layers. The students undergoing advanced networking courses may find this method very interesting and challenging.

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