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❶The Academy will hire Spanish-speaking teachers they must be fluent in speaking and in writing Spanish who are willing to commit to a one-year contract with the Academy. He put hope above fear, and positive over negative.

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Spain chose, instead, to allocate its territorial expansion to the Americas. Unlike its concerted efforts in the Americas, Spain's focus in Africa was not so pointed in its colonies there, namely Spanish Guinea, Spanish Sahara, and Morocco. The majority of Spain's African colonies were located along the northern coasts and served primarily as strongholds from which Spain could protect its shipping and commerce activities in the Mediterranean as well as between the Old orld and the New.

The Relevance of the International Factor. Spanish Conquest of Mexico Why did the Spaniards bring so many slaves into Mexico? Because many of the native Indians had suffered and died from many diseases brought over by the Spaniards the Indians did not have resistance to those new diseases , there was a need for cheap labor, and the Black slaves served that purpose.

The slaves were sold in many areas of Mexico, but the author explains that the four main areas where slaves were shipped included: The Spanish Crown realized that the Catholic Church's missionaries found slavery to be repugnant, and so the Crown seemed to go along with the Church.

However, in what could only be termed deception and skullduggery, the Crown needed the money that slavery brought to the royal family, so the Crown subcontracted…… [Read More]. Spanish Civil War When Viewed. The reason for such volunteer support for a war against fascism was born from the economic calamity and the political turmoil of the 's Sills pp.

Thus, like many during the Great Depression, the young volunteers had experienced with deprivation and injustice, leading them to join the "burgeoning student, unemployed, union, and cultural movements that were influenced by the Communist Party and other Left organizations" Sills pp.

These groups had exposed the volunteers to a Marxist and internationalist perspective, and with their successes in bringing people to conscious, political action led to a revolutionary spirit Sills pp. American radicalism was spurred by the appearance of pro-fascist groups like the Liberty League, and the expansion of fascism abroad Sills pp. Treatment of omen in Mexican Culture The choices for women have, across both time and space, almost always been far more constrained than the choices of men.

They have in fact all too often been reduced to a single pair of opposing choices: The pure or the corrupt, the white or the black, the chaste or the sexual - the virgin or the whore. Mexican culture is certainly not exempt from this tendency to place women on one side of this dichotomy or the other, but in the case of Mexican images of women this division of the female half of the population into the chaste, good woman and the terrible promiscuous one becomes complicated by issues of race and racial purity , by the historical condition of colonization and post-colonization, by the partial displacement, partial incorporation of native belief systems by Catholicism.

These many complications and elaborations of this essential…… [Read More]. Spanish Atrocities in the New. The Spanish oyal Crown officially declared that the only salvation possible for the native populations was to accept their opportunity to adopt Christianity. In fact under a concept known as equerimiento, the Spaniards were required to give the native people a "fair" opportunity to do just that before they disposed of them as savages instead of respecting them as human beings created in God's image.

As Eurocentric a concept as equerimiento was, even that edict was routinely ignored by Columbus's men Schwartz, ; Stannard, They enslaved men, rapes women, and murdered children virtually at will. They imposed "quotas" of minimum amounts of gold ore to be collected daily and imposed penalties of mutilation and death, often depending on whether or not their victims survived after having limbs hacked off as a message to their companions and their communities that the Spaniards were deadly serious about expecting them to find…… [Read More].

Spanish Culture at Work. Professional Culture in Spain The plan for the dinner event will include a number of different facets specifically designed to facilitate acculturation between all of the guests, which include seven of the 11 total attendees who are not native to Spain and its culture -- which is providing the backdrop for this event. Firstly, it is necessary to tell all of the participants of this dinner to bring gifts for one another.

Specifically, each person in the party will bring a gift for either an employee or his or her spouse, so that no one is left out.

Therefore, when the dinner commences and the guests are first situated at the table, they can exchange gifts with one another as a sort of ice-breaker which will allow them to initially get acclimated with one another. Additionally, it is critical to…… [Read More]. He actually owned slaves himself at one point, yet he set his own slaves free and renounced the practice.

He also joined the Dominican order of Christianity and protested against the cruel and unusual punishment that the indigent people had suffered. He was especially against the practice of encomienda which is to trade a life for other material possessions.

In the following year a great many Spaniards went there with the intention of settling the land. Thus, forty-nine years have passed since the first settlers penetrated the land, the first so claimed being the large and most happy isle called Hispaniola, which is six hundred leagues in circumference…And all the land so far discovered is a beehive…… [Read More].

This war was fought between two groups; the Republicans and the Nationalists. The Republicans were the supporters of the established Spanish republic; meanwhile the latter were a group of rebels who were led by General Francisco Franco. Franco emerged victorious in this war and ruled Spain for the next 36 years as a dictator. After a group of generals led by Jose Sanjurjo of the Spanish Republican Armed Forces declared opposition against the government of the Second Spanish Republic, the war ensued.

At that time the President of Spain was Manuel Azana. This group of rebels had gained support from a couple of conservative groups that included the Spanish Confederation of the Autonomous Right, Fascist Falange and Carlists Payne, Traditional Spanish Culture While the Cafe's of. Traditional Spanish Culture hile the cafe's of Paris may have captured the romantic imagination of estern visitors to the Old Continent, and London's blend of medieval and modern architecture attracts the historically minded, the ancient city of Madrid is home to countless cultural sites, museums, and monuments which are definitely worth exploring.

The capital city of Spain and the historical seat of the Spanish monarchy, Madrid is a sprawling metropolitan center located on the banks of the Manzanares River that serves as the economic, political, and cultural heart of the country.

Home to approximately 3. From the 16th through 18th centuries, when the Spanish empire's naval dominance allowed the nation's…… [Read More]. European in Both the Spanish. After the statement of the Truman Doctrine in , both Greece and Turkey were provided with aid to counter the Soviet threat.

When the war ended, circumstances in Greece were unfavorable to the maintenance of civil peace: EAM was in control of nearly all Greece. Its leaders numbered many excellent liberals, the most eminent being Professor Svolos, a Socialist; but the Communists were clearly dominant. The returning Greek army was under the control of rabid, uncompromising monarchist officers Had the issue of Greek sovereignty been left to these two Greek forces, there is no doubt of the outcome.

The ineffectiveness of the returned Greek monarchist army was shown when, at the end of , civil war broke out in Greece. ELAS surrounded the monarchist army and immobilized it from the outset. However, they were not left to their own devices, and instead they were influenced by outside forces from ritain…… [Read More].

Death in Spanish Literature While. In his novels he focused on characters, motivations, and reactions to the forces around his characters. He realistically examined Spanish politics, economy, religion, and family through the eyes of the middle class, addressing the cruelty of human beings against each another in his novels Miau and Misericordia. Galdos was called the conscience of Spain for his realistic observations of society with all its ills.

Columbia His plays were less successful than his novels. In he became deputy of the Republican Party in Madrid. He went blind in , but overcoming this tragedy, he continued to dictate his books until his death. Other works translated into English are Tristana tr. A statue of him was raised in…… [Read More]. Dialects the Spanish Dialect Spain Compared to. Dialects The Spanish Dialect: Spain Compared to Other Countries Many people think of Spanish as being "uniform," but that is not the case.

There are all types of different dialects, and what a person hears in Spain will not be the same thing heard in Mexico or in other countries where Spanish is spoken. Written Spanish uses the same standards, but spoken Spanish can be very different. There are local dialects, and then larger differences between Spain and Mexico.

One of the biggest differences is in the phonemes, where there is maintenance of them in some dialects and loss of them in others. Some final syllables are weakened, as well, and central Mexico and the highlands of the Andes will show a loss of many of the unstressed vowel sounds - especially when these vowels come into contact with consonants that are also voiceless. It is not just the way…… [Read More].

Chimu Indians The fifteenth-century Spanish travelers who embarked on voyages of discovery and conquest in the Americas expected to encounter primitive savage races. Instead, they found advanced civilizations with intricately designed cities, complex social hierarchies and accurate methods of calculating calendars. But despite this evidence, the Spaniards used the differences between the two sets of cultural beliefs and practices as proof of the inferiority of the Andean civilizations.

Because of this backwardness, the Spanish believed that colonization was needed to bring "civilization" to the new world. Susan Ramirez described this Eurocentrism as a "disregard of others' cultures and identities" Ramirez, This paper applies Ramirez's critique of Eurocentrism by looking at the civilization of the Chimu, a powerful coastal kingdom in Northern Peru. By looking at the Chimu religion and social structure - as evidenced in their ceramic art and in their architecture - this paper posits that the Chimu…… [Read More].

Teaching Spanish A Business Proposal. There are no other independent Spanish Language learning schools in the city, so competition is not a problem. The Academy will offer independent courses for private classes as well as classes to schools. Business Description The Spanish Language Learning Academy will offer a variety of classes and one-on-one sessions to students, young and old, seeking to learn or deepen their knowledge of Spanish.

The Academy will hire Spanish-speaking teachers they must be fluent in speaking and in writing Spanish who are willing to commit to a one-year contract with the Academy. They will then be contracted to fill teaching positions as they become available. The Academy will host sessions in its building which is owned by the proprietor of the business and it will also…… [Read More]. The Spanish Tragedy and Hamlet each have a ghost which guides and drives the action of the story.

The writer works to compare and contrast the ghosts in each story and tell how they relate to the story. There were two sources used to complete this paper. Throughout history writers have used unusual methods to illustrate points if their work that they want the reader to understand. In two classic works of literature a ghost was used to provide many of the needed details to the story that would have been unknown otherwise.

In The Spanish Tragedy and in Hamlet there were ghosts to provide the foundation for many of the stories actions. Without the ghosts much of the things that occurred would not make any sense to the reader. While they each uses a ghost for the purpose of information provision the ghosts and…… [Read More].

Spanish Immigrants to Buenos Aires. The title of Jose C. Moya's book Cousins and Strangers refers to the fact that the mass migrations of Spaniards to Argentina that occurred between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the Great Depression were distinct from other waves of immigrant migration.

Buenos Aires is a tremendously diverse city and has been subject to many different influxes of new immigrant populations. But the new waves of Spaniards came from the nation that had once colonized Argentina, unlike the Italians, which comprised the largest ethnic community within the city. The Spaniards spoke a common language, might be distant relatives to some of the residents, and yet were culturally worlds apart.

Moya divides his book into two sections -- one about the Old World of Spain and the other about the New World the Spanish experienced in…… [Read More].

Project Management and Spanish PM: My current experience with project management has been beneficial to this course because it has allowed me to understand the basic concepts that are being presented. It is easier for me to apply the concepts that are presented and think of examples of how this works in the real world. Project management can be quite complex, and it can take many different projects to really get good at it, so any experience I can build up, the better that is for me.

There are definitely some challenges associated with this learning. I feel that experience is one of the best ways to learn, so ideally there would be a good mix of the theory and the practice. It can be difficult to visualize things when you haven't done them. Also, the software aspect can be challenging. As with a lot of software applications, there is…… [Read More]. Speech to Support Mortgage for Independent Spanish. Speech to Support Mortgage for Independent Spanish Village The focus of this study is to consider the scenario of making a choice in the use of inheritance money and specifically to gain a mortgage for an independent villa which will be a town or villa in realengo and to compose a speech to support this objective Speech It is my belief that gaining a mortgage for an independent villa is the most appropriate approach to investing of my inheritance money.

For to do otherwise would be to render my inheritance under the control of another individual who will hold all power and decision-bearing capacity and who will not be as interested in the profitability or long-term success of the villa since they do not in reality hold ownership to the property.

Under the system of feudalism which is a "social system of rights and duties based on land tenure and…… [Read More].

English and Spanish Language Learners. A eview Gamez, P. Narrative production skills of language minority learners and their English-only classmates in early adolescence. The researchers provided the subjects with picture books and then asked them to produce a narrative based on the pictures. What the researchers found was that the Spanish language speakers and the English language speakers utilized the same story structure in the creation of their narratives. Both groups produced narratives that had a "goal -- action -- outcome framework" p.

However, the Spanish language speakers had less grammatical diversity than the English-only speakers; they demonstrated a tendency to revise and to commit errors when using prepositions; also, their narratives were longer than those produced by…… [Read More].

Artistic Analysis of "The Weeping Woman": A Plan to Develop a New Work The meaning of artistic work continues to evolve to mold into new forms and shapes. The current sociological and economic developments are significantly influencing the artistic creations. Women have the power in the society, and, therefore, they have the freedom to do jobs, own businesses, and at a personal level, they now possess the option of sexual orientation.

The modern era remained quite merciful towards women who had a role of sexual slaves in the past. The omans along with the Greeks considered the females as toys that had a function of providing comfort to warriors. Females were responsible for taking care of domestic chores, and they had no right of receiving payments against their services. However, males identified and treated them as trophies, and they collected them according to their level of bravery in the battlefield.

Ortega Y Gasset the Spanish. However, he reconciles these opposite views in what he designs as the new religion for man: He put hope above fear, and positive over negative. He seems to have foreseen a historical transformation similar to the change from Hellenic to "Hellenistic" in ancient civilization, which, in the Roman Empire, finally did collapse into such a barbaric ricorso, or cycle.

European and "estern" phases of civilization have not yet experienced Spengler's or Toynbee's "Roman paradigm" of orld State and orld Religion, and Ortega trusted that such a horrible outcome could be forever avoided by a kind of federal world order built on the model of the European Union. Teaching English to Spanish Speaking Students. Her native country was Mexico; she had two brothers and a sister, all younger; she lived with her siblings and parents in a home near the school, and they had been in the U.

I have met with her parents who have expressed an interest in becoming more proficient in English so as to help their children improve with the language. This fits in with the theory of Pompa n.

Spanish and American Democracy The United States of America and Spain are both now industrialized nations and modern democracies, but their paths to democracy and global influence were quite distinct.

The United States of America was formally founded in by a group of early American politicians who envisioned the young nation as an alternative in democratic governance in contrast and opposition to the monarchies still in ruling power throughout Europe. Spain was one of these European countries under monarchial rule in the 18th century and remained a monarchy for years after the official adoption of the democratic Constitution in the United States of America.

Spain's transition to democratic rule is largely considered to have begun in when the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco passed away, although there are other dates in the s that are also said to mark the transition as well.

The philosophical foundations of the…… [Read More]. Dia De Los Muertos. Spanish holiday Dia de los Muertos. Specifically it will discuss countries that celebrate the holiday, how it is celebrated, traditions, and any other pertinent information. Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is an ancient Aztec traditional celebration that has taken place for thousands of years.

They were already celebrating the holiday when the Spanish Conquistadors conquered the country. The Spanish did not approve of the holiday and tried to stop it, but it continues even today throughout Mexico, some other areas in Central America, and much of the United States. The Spanish did end up moving the holiday. Initially, Mexicans celebrated it in August, and it lasted an entire month. The Spanish moved it to October 31 to coincide with Catholic holidays on November 1 and 2.

It is a holiday to celebrate those friends and family who have passed away, a kind of celebration of the…… [Read More]. Luis Bunuel it Takes Two. That in itself is startling, but there are precedents for mystical encounters of various kinds, or to be less extreme, a choice of persuasions to put it down to fancy; until -- "My God," says a second man, "I must be dreaming, I thought I saw a unicorn.

A third witness, you understand, adds no further dimension but only spreads it thinner, and a fourth thinner still, and the more witnesses there are the thinner it gets and the more reasonable it becomes until it is as thin as reality, the name we give to the common experience It must have been mistaken for a deer.

Conversion of Natives to Christianity. One of the Seri leaders told Miranda that "he loved neither God nor priest nor political authorities and preferred to die killing. Many times the life I have described is simply not worth it, not worth it at all. Navies in American Revolution for Hundreds of.

Navies in American Revolution For hundreds of years, maritime expansion represented the only way to reach distant shores, to attack enemies across channels of water, to explore uncharted territories, to make trade with regional neighbors and to connect the comprised empires. Leading directly into the 20th century, this was the chief mode of making war, maintaining occupations, colonizing lands and conducting the transport of goods acquired by trade or force.

Peter Padfield theorized that ultimately, ritish maritime power was decisive in creating breathing space for liberal democracy in the world, as opposed to the autocratic states of continental Europe like Spain, France, Prussia and Russia.

The Hapsburgs, the ourbons, Hitler and Stalin all failed to find a strategy that would defeat the maritime empires, which controlled the world's trade routes and raw materials. Successful maritime powers like ritain and, in the 20th Century, the United States, required coastlines with deep…… [Read More].

Titu Cusi Yupanqui History of. Atahualpa clearly held great respect for the Andean traditional drink and considered that it was an insult for the visitors to show little interest regarding it and even to spill it. He probably considered that the Spanish were trying to impose their power through putting across such behavior and that it was essential for him to employ a similar attitude by throwing the letter.

The fact that the Andean culture was poorly organized made it difficult for Andeans to understand the attitudes that they needed to employ concerning foreigners and local affairs.

They thus had the tendency to support any one who was strong enough to become king, regardless of…… [Read More]. Starting Up a Business Start. Retrieved June 30, from ostnet website: Retrieved June 30, from City of oston website: Programs Designed for Second Languages. Handbook of Child Psychology, pp. Retrieved June 30, from About.

Financing After School Programs. Retrieved June 30, from Finance Project. Retrieved June 30, from PPV website: Learning in Two Languages. Retrieved June 30, from UCSd website: Home and Community Influences. Phillipines Magellan Headed the Sixteenth. Spaniards introduced land ownership and subsequently, social class divisions. Land ownership became a primary means of social status after Spanish conquest and remains so centuries later.

Land-owning elite ruled like feudal lords, even though the Spanish governors in Manila relied on traditional tribal chiefs to administer local lands. Just as Philippine religion reflects a combination of Roman Catholic and indigenous Philippine beliefs, so too does Philippine social structure reflect a combination of European and Asian practices.

The native Philippines, or "indios," practiced feudalism and slavery but with a different means of disseminating social class status than was used in Europe in the sixteenth century "A Brief History".

Therefore, much of what distinguishes the Philippines from its Pacific Rim and South Pacific counterparts is owed to pre-conquest social and cultural traditions. The religious beliefs and social practices still extant on the islands today are not only a product of the Spanish…… [Read More]. Bartoleme De Las Casas An Analysis of the Activism of Bartoleme De Las Casas Often characterized by modern historians as the "Defender and the apostle to the Indians," Bartolome de Las Casas is known for exposing and condemning as well as exaggerating and misrepresenting the violent practices of Spanish colonizers of the New orld against Native Americans.

Marked by emotional polemic and often embellished statistics, Las Casas' voluminous works brought him both support and opposition in his own time.

Though more than four hundred years have passed since his death, the works of this controversial Dominican friar continue to elicit strong reactions from both detractors and defenders -- from both those who condemn him and those who praise…… [Read More].

Inca and Spanish ideas regarding the roles of females and males This paper presents a detailed description and comparison of the Inca and Spanish ideas regarding the roles of females and males. The writer uses examples of similarities and differences to illustrate the point.

All one has to do is observe the equality of the sexes today to know that the world has come a long way from the old days. However when one studies the history of two cultures, the Spanish and the Incas one discovers that a long ago and forgotten civilization had as much if not more gender equality than has ever happened since without a fight.

The Inca society was so far ahead of its time when it came to…… [Read More]. Gender Religion and Social Relations in the Mediterranean. The narratives include strategic conversions to Islam that secured the woman some freedoms. For example, one Christian woman living in Galata near the famous tower converts to Islam. When her Christian husband refuses to convert, the woman realizes that she can be instantly divorced -- which she might not have been able to do had she not been subject to shari'ah law.

Shari'ah law ironically afforded the woman, Safira who became Saliha upon conversion greater sexual freedom and independence. Yet what was she sacrificing…… [Read More]. The Social Security Act, passed in , was intended to provide a "safety net" for people who could not support themselves Schultz, , p.

This "social welfare" was a significant departure from the federal government's prior tendency to let citizens fend for themselves financially. The strength of the Social Security Act's impact on our history is at least partially proven by the fact that it expanded significantly and endures to this day.

The Social Security Act currently influences several facets of American life: Turkish culture is generally considered to be quite homogenous; even so many business people of Turkey are used to doing business with people from all over the world and from a range of different cultures Katz, However, this doesn't necessarily imply that Turkish people are open-minded.

Sometimes they are quite the opposite and prefer to have things done "their way" or in the specific manner in which they are used to. In that sense, it's absolutely helpful to have a guide of all the aspects of Turkish culture, so that one can better familiarize oneself with the nuances of this culture so that communication is facile, and so that one can achieve the business related goals that are most important and specific. When it comes to the culture of Spain and of those from Catalan, there are areas of overlap and areas of difference.

Heritage Assessment Hello, Please 3 cultures compare paper. A questionnaire design that is used to assess a person's culture, religion, and ethnic so as to understand the person in relation to illnesses, diseases and their general health is what is referred to as the Heritage Assessment Tool Cohn et al.

CITE As unique as ones fingerprint is, so is their heritage in some cultures. Everyone has their own unique heritage and this heritage is very different from the heritage of another culture, a person's heritage is what determines their religious, cultural and ethnic background.

It is also what deals with the person's mental, physical and their spiritual beliefs and this will be used when maintaining the person's health, protecting and restoring their health. It is important to note that in the healthcare field knowledge…… [Read More].

Cousins and Strangers Moya Jose. The book strikes the reader as impressively researched, although at times the more micro and quantitiative focus of the historian can cause the humanity of the narratives, of the people themselves to be lost. A greater incorporation of a central thesis into the fold of the book, and a more coherently organized framework in which to subsume the data might have been helpful.

The inclusion of an appendix is worthy as well, but how many readers will read such a work? The lack of attention to the individuals at hand to a certain extent justifies the often stultifying inclusion of lists and tables, but if these lists could have been given greater 'story' and coherennce, the book would have been of greater value and interest to the layperson, rather than to the stuidious historian or student.

And ultimately was that not what most of these people were seeking, coming to…… [Read More]. Talk to Her by Pedro Almodovar. Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar often presents his themes in a satiric and comic framework emphasizing certain melodramatic and exaggerated elements. His film Talk to Her is not as darkly comedic or as exaggerated as some of his films, but he uses the various elements of film to heighten the odd nature of his characters and to illuminate their inner states on the basis of external action, sets, and camerawork.

A primary mental state for these characters is that of audience, for life to a great degree is a spectator sport at which they are better as observers than participants.

The film maintains a certain theatricality throughout, beginning with the opening shot, which is revealed as a curtain is drawn back as if for a stage play. Indeed, the first thing seen in the film is a stage play, a very odd interaction at which the main character is seated…… [Read More]. History of the Native American Indians Is. The first Indians arrived on the North American continent subsequent to the end of the Ice Age approximately 15, years ago.

These early Indians arrived from Siberia as they passed through Alaska and gradually settled throughout what is now the United States. These early arriving Indians were hunter-gatherers and, as a result, they traveled freely across the vast North American continent and by 8, years ago had spread as far east as the eastern seaboard.

As indicated, the early Indians were hunter-gatherers and many of the tribes remained such until the early 's but a select few tribes began farming. The Indian tribes electing such life style were centered in present day Mexico City and by the time that this area began to be explored and settled by Europeans the farming life-style of these Indian tribes had been…… [Read More]. Philippine Women Fashion Clothing History the.

The idea of dressing in civilized and well clothed are well deserving of freedom because t this group that is highly valued despite the fact that the Malay peasants who struggled for the independence have been devalued in the official history of nation -- building and their mark and contribution has been ignored.

This is just part of the culture that has been impacted to the Filipinos which ahs influenced their manner of dressing. Despite the different Muslim groups in he south and the mountain tribes have their own distinctive garments and seem to have influenced less. The Maranao Muslims…… [Read More]. Sir Francis Drake was a ritish explorer, slave-trader, privateer, a pirate working for a government, in the service of England, mayor of Plymouth, England, and naval officer. Driven by early conflict with Catholic Spaniards and later fueled by tensions between England and Spain, Drake is best known for his piracy of Spanish settlements and ships and his role in defeating the Spanish Armada.

Often referred to as the El Draque meaning "the dragon" by the Spanish, Drake earned his reputation as a tireless warrior against the Spanish.

The Elizabethan era is a period of English history during most of the 16th century under the reign of Elizabeth 1 of England. It is considered the height of the Renaissance of England with the development of Elizabethan theatre and renowned plays, books and poetry from William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlow, en Jonson and Thomas Kyd.

During the Elizabethan era, Francis acon formulated early…… [Read More]. Home Topics Countries Spanish Essays. The Handbook of Spanish Language Media. Works Cited Hernan, Garcia Enrique. The Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland: A Pattern Established, England and the Spanish Armada: The True Story of the Spanish Armada. The Journal of Military History, Vol. Queen Elizabeth and Ireland. Works Cited Barry, John M. For example, you could read about:. The Spanish as citizens of Spain.

The geography of Spain and the countries that surround it. The history of Spain. The culture and traditions of the people of Spain. After narrowing down on an area that interests you, spend some time reading up on it and collecting lots of information on that area.

Once you have your information in hand, you will find it a lot easier to select a specific topic on which to base your Spanish Essay. Pick a topic that genuinely interests you. For instance, if the area of traditions and culture excites you, you could consider selecting a topic like the foods eaten by the Spanish. Then you could be even more specific and discuss only the exotic foods of Spain. Always keep in mind that when it comes to good essay writing, it is not just the content that is important; your essay must also be flawless in terms of grammar and structure.

Great care should be taken to ensure that your essay contains zero spelling mistakes. Naturally, there must be absolutely no plagiarism. When you write your Spanish Essay, ensure that you have done a sufficient amount of research and that you have proofread your essay before submitting it. Proofreading is the most important final step before essay submission and should not be skipped at any cost.

Besides proofreading it would also be a good idea to ask friends or colleagues to read through your essay so that they can point out mistakes that you may have missed.

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