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Verbal and Non-verbal Communication essay

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Verbal And Nonverbal Communication And Listening Skills Paper Essay Sample
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We are saying something every time and we are communicating with the others at every moment. Therefore it is important to observe and try to understand what is really being communicated. In many situations people say what they think intellectually rather than what they feel emotionally. In our every day life, people wear masks to hide their feelings.

To be specific, nonverbal communication ranges from facial expression to body language. Gestures, signs, and use of space are also important in nonverbal communication. Multicultural differences in body language, facial expression, use of space, and especially, gestures, are enormous and enormously open to misinterpretation.

To understand them all, you should recognize that people communicate on many levels. Watch their facial expressions, eye contact, posture, hand and feet movements, body movement and placement, and appearance and passage as they walk toward you. Every gesture is communicating something if you listen with your eyes. Become accustomed to watching nonverbal communication and your ability to read nonverbal communication will grow with practice.

Assess job candidates based on their nonverbal communication. You can read volumes from how the applicant sits in the lobby. Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal Communication From the very beginning, I have some questions to ask you, my dearest reader. Verbal language can be of great benefit to the society if well used, the same case with non verbal communication. The common differences experienced in the society, that is the public and the police, the police and the in mates and the peers can be avoided if proper language communication is adopted.

Language use and sign language is a powerful of conveying out information to the appropriate recipients. The common conflicts experienced every day in the society are a result of poor communication and if this is improved, the individuals will be easy with one another Alder, The message is received and interpreted differently with the release of the police public announcements to the public.

Proper communication is necessary from the police if indeed they have to maintain trust from the community. They are the instruments of law enforcement and they are required to use intellectual interpersonal skills when communicating to the general public and within themselves. This will ensure that public relation and image are well maintained. Occasionally when the police wish to notify the public on matters of safety concerns, they normally notify the public through the issuing of public announcements.

This is well executed by the public affairs officer or the police spokesperson. Also if a police spokesperson is required to give a strong warning to the public and gives it out less seriously is also a problem in the sense that the public might be caught in circus of negligence.

This means way police uses verbal and non verbal communication has significance on how the public implements that publicannouncement. There is also the effect of verbal and non verbal communication in court-rooms when the witness testifies either under direct or indirect examination as represented by the police.

The representation of the police in court is to give the correct information of the occurrences and emerging issues as they took place guided by research and investigation to the matter. Any language sign that may be perceived to indicate otherwise may unduly alter the case decisions. Communication without sobriety in court may intimate the witness which also may influence the case decision unfairly. For instance strong language sign accompanied by gestures often is perceived as a serious matter; while a relaxed communication may indicate that the matter is less serious hence the victim may be acquitted.

On the same note, language use by the witness in court has an effect on the claims by the victim. The influence and effect of verbal and non verbal communication is also witnessed in juvenile facilities. These may include and not limited to employees, peers and inmates. In the case of peers the effect is also quantifiable.

This happens when colleagues in a working or learning environment use a language that may bring differences among friends and peers. While in the working environment the undue use of language to other working colleagues may result to poor performance hence lowering of the general work outputs.

This is true in the sense that the employees will lose the team-work that is a vital tool for good performance in their organization. Lastly, the lives of the inmates are greatly affected by the communication behavior of the police while they are in the cell.

Some of these inmates assume low self esteem while some of them feel that they are maltreated. This is why some of them end up committing suicide. There are communications guidelines for all these areas discussed here above that will ensure that information is passed on without affecting anybody.

In every sector say police, working organization and in cells best communication behavior is advocated. In all these places mentioned there is expertise that ensures that all matters of conflict are amicably solved. So it is the policies of these organizations that should be put first. Among the policies in organizations is proper communication and transfer of informmation. There are trained persons within these departments that are responsible for the dissemination of information to the else of the public, work mates and intended recipients.

With the case of police giving public announcement to the public, only a trained police spokesperson should be the one to convey the information since he has the skill on that field. Well delivered in the sense that it does not cause any undue influence to the recipients. The information should be clear, defining the time frame and the target group.

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Principles of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication There are many principles of verbal and nonverbal communication. The first one is that everyone speaks with a different language, like from France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, or any other region from the globe.

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- Non Verbal Communication Xu, staples and Shen define nonverbal communication as “facial expression and body language” and further mentions that communication is a reciprocal process between 2 or more people relaying understanding, ensuring the output is .

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Explanation Of Verbal And Non Verbal Communication English Language Essay. Print This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view build vision, create learning environment and collaborative work culture. Typically, I brought the explanation of both verbal and nonverbal communication. Besides, it. Observing and describing verbal and nonverbal communication Essay Words | 3 Pages. and describing verbal and nonverbal communication Communication, the act or process of using words, sounds signs or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else.

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Essay about Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills Words | 4 Pages. Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills Elton Thomas SOC/ June 11, Gary Robbins Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills Verbal and nonverbal communication along with listening skills are social tools that need to be developed in an individual if . Verbal and Nonverbal Communication When we are attempting to transfer our meaning to another person, we use three different modes, methods, or channels to carry our intentions.