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Homework Anxiety! It takes way too long to Finish!

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She is in her room crying. Rock n roll, that is funny. Some schools do that, but that isn't a problem here. She doesn't have too much homework. She just takes forever. She came out of her room after 15 minutes and we checked the problems and now she has only 2 wrong. I helped her with those because she couldn't find the mistake she made. I think she has been spoiled with me helping her too much and this is just the "it gets worse before it gets better" phase.

I could hear her I could hear her after she stopped crying talking to her self and just saying, "do it faster! I've got to do it faster! She is now happily watching TV with her daddy. I think not going in there and rescuing her was the answer I needed. I just so desperately wanted to save her. Anyway, she did it! Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

She is probably used to you helping her with everything. Why is the math homework different. You need to have her read the book herself. Maybe she is having a hard time understanding the work she's doing.

Both of my parents have engineering degrees but I struggle with math even when they're helping me because the thinking required is too abstract for me. I can eventually get it down but it takes time. Try to ask her what may be confusing and then help her understand.

She's 10 years old, her brain is fresh and is only soaking in all this new information, it doesn't have trigonometry functions on reserve. Just make her feel better about her work and go at the problems one at a time.

As a 17 year I can tell you the one thing I need most from my parents when I'm struggling or confused is their support and understanding, kids sometimes already feel bad that they can't do something and it makes us feel worse when no one is supporting us through it or highlighting the good that we've done.

Probably around hours, I'm in all AP and Honors classes and the amount of work I have is unbearable. And considering I'm a huge procrastinator I don't usually start my homework until 8pm and I don't finish until 11 or Have you considered having her do her homework at the table instead of having her do it in her room?

Perhaps there are too many distractions in her room. Also, she may need a little more help than she's letting on. Try sitting down with her tomorrow afternoon and have her explain the homework to you. If she can explain it, then she can do it. If she can't she may just need your help or have you explain it to her in a way she could understand it more easily. Just be patient and take the time to talk to her and find out what the real problem is.

The best thing to do is support her. Don't make her feel like she is taking to long. The best thing is she is trying to get her homework done. If you want her to go faster you can ask her teacher Give the teacher a call and tell her to help her at recess. Also you can help her to understand the questions. Read them over with her and ask her if she understands it, try to re-word it. If she still isn't understanding give her an example of the question. I usually procrastinate like crazy and then go into hyper mode to finish on time.

I'm always thinking about something and extrapolating on the things I observe. I just "get" it, and then I mull it over for a while and then just blast it all out when I need it. I think I'm fairly smart, but my brain just kinda works at a slower pace so it does often take me longer to finish assignments. Also have a writing disability so that makes written assignments hell for me. Homework is especially hard for me and I kinda blame that on my parents.

My parents didn't have the patients for the time it took for me to finnish and assignment, or with how much I struggled with writing. They just thought I was lazy. So they'd try to help me and always just end up yelling, and making me cry. This has left me with a lot anxiety over the idea of homework. Ah damn, I also had the same problem when I was young. My mother would always yell at me because I'd take the whole afternoon trying to start writing something, so I also ended up crying.

Was like that up to middle school. Kinda screwed me over in college when I still had a lot of anxiety associated with doing work outside of class, and was had comfort issue with getting help. What makes it worse is that they seem to bend over backwards giving accommodations to people who struggle with math, or have text anxiety, but they do nothing for people who struggle with writing, or have homework anxiety.

Depends on the type of assignment for me. I am very slow at producing longer texts and pretty fast at math. How focused are you while doing the assignment? Also, can you give us a concrete example on what kind of homework you are talking about? Well, latest was writing an article in LaTeX, but I usually take so long actually doing math. I know how it's done, I'm just so slow at actually solving anything.

LaTeX is actually quite nice in that regard because it allows you to seperate the writing process from the layout and form. Yeah, I didn't take so long to actually write it, but reading enough to be able to write an article was the most time consuming thing. It could be practice, I can't really recall well how much time I took with problems I did often. I also always commit the most absurd errors. I'm at school 3 hours earlier than class right now because my groupmate is tired of my procrastinating.

The essay is due in 2 days Honestly it's weird how early he wants to get it done. I'm slow at pretty much everything. Then you'll have essentially an outline or mind map. You'll notice gaps you don't know which will naturally motivate you to learn the gap. Once you have this sheet with a model, you'll be unstoppable and quick. I'm incredibly slow with things I'm not directly motivated to do, but need to do for reasons homework for most things falls under this.

In comparison it can take me 40 minutes to write a single paragraph email that I don't want to write. I'm not necessairly fast at things I'm interested in, I'm still slow. I stopped doing homework in middle school. Both out of principal and because it had always been an issue. Granted I ended up leaving school because they wouldn't pass me without doing the mindless repetition of homework, despite getting As on tests.

Worst was math, when I could do it in my head and bitches demand I show my work. Again, when I got straight As on tests it didn't matter. I have ADD as well, so pretty much the entire time I did schooling my mom trying to keep me at homework was like trying to keep a ball from rolling off another ball that it's balanced upon. Then again, I think I'm the only person in class that is flailing around on the desk. Time that is absolutely wasted unless I ended up getting the wrong answer, which I usually didn't.

Yes, and I just don't seem to get most questions how stupid that may sound. After I am finished learning for a subject I usually still don't understand the homework questions but I am able to get a sufficient for the test. I hate being forced to write about uninteresting stuff or analyze a bad book I had to read. Then I completed them during a day and night and thus passing the class. I did the same with all the lab reports in physics class but I did it the next week during an evening and night.

I finished about lab reports that night. I got a good result on a test similar to SAT here in sweden so I did not need good grades to study at the university.

That not very motivating to get good grades. I get extra time on exams despite getting all As. My friends think I'm working the system. Yeah, it makes shit hard.

I find it's easier if I don't have any restrictions. I always have hated the whole, "understand this from this perspective and do it in this fashion" -- "well, here prof, I did it this way because your way dint make sense. I usually try to do something everyday, but I always end up sitting down a few days before a test and doing 5 weeks of homework in one or two days. Some days my mind will wander so easily that when the sun sets my papers will be as blank as when it rose.

Other days, I can get speed with relative ease and, if left unbothered, when I get to full charge I will be able to advance a shit ton of miles. And it all depends on how I'm feeling that day. The bluest, the less work. Last minute panic, even though it's a boost, if the last day I'm feeling down the boost will ultimately be almost irrelevant. Today I am still awake at 4: And no matter how upbeat I'm feeling one day, I still need some time of building up speed before reaching full charge and being productive.

I need a minimum of an hour to do anything. I always do homework first thing, and usually get it done fast, but usually make careless mistakes. Add more people for a 'study group' and the amount of time and mistakes go up. When I was in school I always got really frustrated doing my homework.

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I am in School for the first time in 13 years and I have trouble with Math too. I have a great teacher that will work through problems you encountered on the assignments at the begining of class. If I get stuck I will just skip over it and either ask a classmate or my professor how to .

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When I was at school, it would take me much longer to do my homework than my siblings or friends. They would be outside playing and I would still be in my bedroom doing the homework. My dyslexia means reading and writing take me much longer than other people. However, I am speedy in other activities.

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Homework is especially hard for me and I kinda blame that on my parents. My parents didn't have the patients for the time it took for me to finnish and assignment, or with how much I struggled with writing. Also there was a time when this girl, who doesn't do much than 30 minutes of homework a night, ask me if she could borrow my folder in spanish so she can erase all of my name and write hers for binder check. I told her that it would take a long time to replace all of my names because there is .

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It takes me a very long time to do my homework, any tips to help me complete it faster? Log in or Sign up. Sign chat rooms for homework help for a free 30min personal tutor trial with Chegg Tutors. no me and strawb3rry go to the same school and we have LOOOTTT of homework!!! on time we had to do a whole rough draft for homework!!! even when I do how for like 2 hours and donmt take a break, im STILL not done!!! its just our teachers, trust me.