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❶One evening a fearful tempest arose, it thundered and lightened, and the rain poured down from the sky in torrents:

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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Notes folded into paper airplanes. Mansour 1 I thought paper plane notes went out of style with the advent of cell phones and texting. Are you writing a novel that takes place in the s or something? Jan 31 '13 at JonHanna with advent of paper thin and flexible displays, kids will soon be able to type up the note on their phone, fold it into an airplane and throw it without breaking anyone's head.

Mansour though they still won't until they're as cheap as paper. Everywhere I know, they're simply called paper planes and people know what this means. Not necessarily, some kids just throw them across the room. Bang a right at the stop sign. We passed it, so you'll have to bang a U-turn.

Last edited on Nov 09 I banged that girl I took home from the bar last night! Last edited on Aug 12 Submitted by Jared F. He still bangs cars. Last edited on Apr 07 Submitted by Amanda H. Mark had to go into the bathroom. Last edited on Nov 03 Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 01 If he keeps saying that, watch me walk over and bang him. Last edited on Jul 02 Submitted by Shauna on Jul 02 I don't have any cash, so you're going to have to bust out for this.

Last edited on Mar 29 Submitted by David C. He busted out of prison. Last edited on Jan 12 Submitted by John K. Dude , you gotta bust out of work and have a beer with me.

Last edited on Feb 06 I'd like to go out tonight but I have to bust out some homework. Last edited on Oct 04 Submitted by Jason D. This is a variant of the "to withdraw" meaning. This definition is "to use" as in "to withdraw from one's set of skills, knowledge, vocabulary, etc. Man, she really busted me out! Last edited on Apr 25 Submitted by Eva on Feb 15 Let's bust out those beers.

Last edited on Oct 14 Submitted by Alek K. To get my own room my parents told me I have to walk the dog every day. I knew there would be a catch! Submitted by Anonymous on May 12 Last edited on Mar 26 I caught a movie at the theatre in Springfield last night. Last edited on Feb 22 I caught lunch at the deli down the street. Do you want to go catch a bite to eat? Did you catch that? Is there anywhere to catch a taxi around here? Citation from " The sad, painful truth about the Vancouver rioters' true identities ", The Globe and Mail , Gary Mason, June 17, censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site.

Last edited on Oct 28 Submitted by don m. I went to cop this shirt at the mall. I hit the mall again today, I had to cop me a matching shirt to go with the new shoes I bought yesterday.

I just copped a new V. Last edited on Sep 08 Submitted by Ernesto F. I'm going to gank your happy ass. Last edited on Apr 02 Also gank off with.

I ganked a chair from his room. He ganked off with my bike. Last edited on Dec 10 Can I gank some of your fries? Last edited on Oct 31 Submitted by Jay B. To continually attack or target another player in a videogame, generally of a lower level and usually online. Hey dude , let's go gank some poor noob. Last edited on Jun 11 Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 11 Man, John's new car already broke down.

I wonder how many people have been ganked by that dealer. Last edited on Dec 27 TV , Season 2 Episode 10 censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site. Last edited on Mar 04 He got a nice car. Last edited on Apr 15 I can haz cheeseburger? Last edited on Jun 08 Their apartment was hit.

That girl is so hit. Your girlfriend is hit. Last edited on May 25 I'm hit - I think I'll go take a nap. Last edited on Feb 20 Oh my god, this essay is due tomorrow and I haven't even started it yet. Last edited on Jan 04 Last edited on Mar 20

M I A Net Worth is $10 Million.

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A paper plane, paper aeroplane, paper glider, paper airplane or paper dart is a toy plane made out of paper. #paper #planes #plane #school #airplane #dart #toy #bored by Westysnipes August 27,

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a joint made by initially folding your rolling paper into equal segments; similar to the folds of the childhood paper airplane process My hommies in the Bay roll a mean paper airplane. #joint #dank #rolling paper #j #marijuana #zig zag.

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Windows crashed again, I'll write it on some paper and mail it to you, with a stamp on the envelope. #sheet #white #thin #windows #mail #email by Milanifan May 09, Rolling then smoking a joint so you get lifted and fly.

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What does Paper Airplane mean in Urban Dictionary?: a joint created by in the beginning folding your moving report into equal sections; much like the folds of the youth paper plane procedure. an airplane made from report, primarily made at school from square paper, and throw at instructor an other pupils for entertainment. by Ione Report definition View More.