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Timberland Reviews and Complaints

problem recognition of buying a timberland boot

❶Timberland Boots less than a year old and fell apart!

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The Gravel Pit Boots do not have either technology stated under the Day. All reviews Footwear and Clothing Timberland Timberland Reviews and Complaints. What was your experience with Timberland? Ask a Question About Timberland. Customers don't like Poor experience will not shop there again Returns Boots failing. Customers like Boots Products Initial style. Rock and Republic 0 reviews.

Red Kap 0 reviews. Horace Small 0 reviews. Bulwark FR 0 reviews. Lucy Activewear 0 reviews. Riders By Lee 0 reviews. Wrangler Workwear 0 reviews. Vf Outlet 0 reviews. With photo and video. Timberland Super Boot Boots.

Timberland - Sole cracking in half 1 day ago. I also paid good money for a boot for work that they advertise as professional but it is way less than that I called customer service and go the same thing it's out of warranty because the manufacture date was not in the 12 mo window how do I know how long the store Yes 0 No 0.

Elizabeth , New Jersey. I highly satisfied with timberland not to happy now Sep Details Advertised vs Delivered. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Timberland Boots less than a year old and fell apart! Timberland does not warrenty there boots. Customer service is worse than an outsourced service center in the Philippines. Anonymous Tom Aug 25 I agree, they do not back their product, they make it look like the soles are thick but they are so thin that that they split open after only a few months of wear.

Timberland boot sole came apart Jul I contacted Timberland and was told that the since the boot was over twelve months past purchase it was out of warranty and tough luck. Never again will I buy Timberland - Don't stand behind boots Jun I work in construction. The company I work for reimburses employees for one pair of boots per year.

This policy means I buy a pair of boots if I need them or not. Usually I buy Red Wing boots. Anyway, a couple of years ago bought a pair of Timberland Pro boots and Yes 1 No 0. I didn't like Sold me a defective product and refused to replace. Only worn about 6 times, stored indoors. The big brown chunk is the piece of the sole that has fallen off of the heel. The second photo shows cracks that go all the way through to the uppers. The third photo shows the heel of the other shoe.

Okay 2nd pair of Classic 8" "waterproof" boots now letting in water. Timberland suggest I try another model boot more expensive and maybe they will actually be waterproof. I returned the boots and now im waiting to hear from them so I can select my new model and pay the difference in price. Since im paying to return all these boots, be nice if THEY paid the price difference but I don't want to push my luck. I finally got smart and switched to Georgia Boot, I have used them for a year now, and they are holding up very very well; I'm never going back to that Timberland crap - I feel like an idiot for buying more than 2 pairs, after they kept falling apart time and time again after only a few months - But NO MORE!

Georgia Boots are rock solid, goodbye TimberCrap I have had similar experience, with Timberland 6" workboot Style The first pair the sole became almost gooey and fell apart. To their credit they replaced that pair of boots. The new soles seemed a little harder. Those soles eventually, after 1 yr. By December of the same year what, 8, 9 months? The leather has not lasted very well either. It's got that "acid etched" look, I'm not religeous about cream but did bathe them in Obenauf's "Heavy Duty LP leather preservative" which, by the way, is supposed to be the best.

It is very rich in bee's wax; it just feels like good stuff. I'm not that hard on boots. I had a pair of Georgia boots that lasted me 7 years. I have to agree with everyone else.

I have gotten about 6 months out of both pair of mine. The first pair was replaced by the local retailer at the 6 month mark and now that replacement pair has cracked across the natural bend area just like the first pair. I had much better luck with my first non water proof pair.

They lasted 2 years. Their ad says that they sell original Timberland boots, but the timbs I received were fake. They were delivered from China and I tried to get a refund, but I can't because address is not specified.

They don't have email address or phone as well. Hey all, sure glad I found this site. Thank you for your great posts. I have a pair of Tiimberland Pros that are deteriorating at an alarming rate. The sole of only one boot is falling apart, but well before it should. These are obviously inferior-quality boots, and I hope to get Timberland to replace them, although I'm not holding my breath.

My background is as an electrician 20 years in the US Navy, 5 years Merchant Marine, and now 3 years with the railroad. Ships take their toll on boots faster than any other environment I've worked in, and the best brand I've found is from Australia. They're called Oliver, and if I could afford to get them shipped to my house, I would. At any rate, these Timberland boots suck and if they won't replace them, this will be the last pair of Timberlands I wear.

Does anyone have any suggestions for American-made boots that are worth the money? Don't use this website. You won't receive goods you paid for. Here is their info: I'm a commercial electrician and I have purchased 2 pairs of Timberland Pro boots.

They are pretty nice at first but the soles are complete garbage. The first pair split all the way across right about where the ball of the foot is, I thought it was a fluke and the boots were decent other than that so I bought a second pair. I noticed that it had a different sole than my old model, which had a flatter sole. These have a rounded section wight where my old ones split and I hoped that they had addressed the problem. Unfortunately, that's right where they split, again.

The sole is also shedding several layers of rubber, seems it is not one solid piece. I don't know if it's a material problem or a problem with the process they use, but I will NEVER buy another timberland boot for work.

Timberland "Pro" is all hype and no performance, the uppers are fine but the sole will wear out before a year is up with real use. I have owned around 6 pair of Timerland Pro boots and every pair has lasted around a year. I wear out the soles because i work between 12 to 18 hrs a day. They were taller and added more angle support. Unfortunately after 6 months i am experiencing the same problems everybody else is they leak and the soles were they bend have cracked all the way across.

Also these boots have a softer sole so i figured they would wear faster but i never thought they would crack. Timberlands "work boots" so they call them are junk and a waste of money.

I paid bucks for these and i am severly disappointed. I am going to send them back. I already know their qaulity is poor now lets see how their customer support is. Thanks everyone for the feed back about timberland boots, my boots are now defected i just need to know where i can send them back or get a refund i only had my boots for 2 months and both pair are not waterproof anymore.

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