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Sociology Thesis Ideas

Topic Selection For Your Sociology Thesis

❶Most professors would prefer that you restrict your source-findings to these media. For sociology research, you can collect data through administering surveys, conducting interviews, accessing previous research or conducting ethnographic observation.

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Locating Source Material

Tegegne, Mesay Andualem , Social capital and immigrant integration: White, Karletta , Strains of skin tone bias: Biagas, David Edward Jr , Status, racial hegemony, and phenotypical inequality: Oehmen, Nicole Marie , A woman's place: Verploegh, Miriam Elana , Not thinking straight: Walker, Mark Henry , The self, social networks, and psychological well-being.

Kelley, Christopher Patrick , The power of identity in important leadership decisions. Rojas, Jorge Alberto Chavez , The impact of capitalism and materialism on generosity: Ruppert, Michaela Siobhan , Self-efficacy, conventional cognitive coping, and the strain-delinquency relationship: A test of general strain theory.

Sanchagrin, Kenneth Jan-Michael , Career trajectories among lawyers: Boswell, Matthew James , Economic change and violence in cross-national, regional, and local perspectives. Levchak, Charisse Camilla , An examination of racist and sexist microaggressions on college campuses. Your sociology topic must also be able to be narrowed into a research question that can be verified with empirical data, extensive enough to meet the thesis length requirement and not so wide-ranging that it will take more than one year to complete.

Inequality and discrimination are concepts that are discussed in the sociology discipline. One thesis topic narrowly examining these themes is to research the role of racism or racial inequality in the American criminal justice system.

In the documentary "Fourteen Days in May" , the creators present a fact that it is four times more likely for a black man who killed a white man to be on death row than for a white man who killed a black man. You could collect current data on the racial profile of inmates in the general population, on death row or both; you could also look into whether the statistics have changed over the last 30 years and research possible explanations for the current and past statistics.

For a thesis topic, you could revisit research that was performed by one of the major social theorists you have been studying, such as Karl Marx, Max Weber or Emile Durkheim. For example, Emile Durkheim compared the suicide rates between Catholics and Protestants His results concluded that Catholics had a lower suicide rate due to the social control or sense of conformity among the Catholic Church. You could perform your own statistical research to either affirm or dispute Durkheim's findings.

For sociology research, you can collect data through administering surveys, conducting interviews, accessing previous research or conducting ethnographic observation. Choosing a sociology thesis topic that revolves around performing ethnographic observations will allow you to immerse yourself within a group and watch and listen to their behavior first-hand. Because this is the final impression that you are leaving with your professors, your final paper will need to demonstrate excellence - thorough research, extensive planning, and enough sophistication and logical organization lest your professors think you have written the entire paper on a laptop in the school parking lot a few hours before it was due.

Avoid procrastination at all costs because you will not be able to do good work if you wait until the last minute - the average senior thesis paper is pages. While your professor may have assigned all your work before, your area of research is something you must come up with on your own, which brings me to the first point.

Now that you are getting started, the first thing you need to do is pick a topic. After three or more years of study in your field, you now have a much clearer picture of what interests you.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most students have no idea what they want to write about for their thesis paper. This is understandable because you want to make sure that your topic is not so obscure that those in your field do not find it relevant, but not so broad that a thorough discussion in pages is impossible.

For example, writing about sexual abuse in general is too broad of a topic - there are too many people affected by this phenomenon and to treat all of it in one thesis paper is much too ambitious; there is simply too much to deconstruct. However, for example, tracking the educational and employment attainment levels of those that survived childhood sexual abuse may be narrow enough to cover in your allotted number of pages.

Good research does not happen in a vacuum, thus it is very important that you choose reliable sources for your paper. At this point in your academic career, you know an open-source online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia or answers.

The best places to look are academic databases such as JSTOR and Sage Publications for peer-reviewed journal articles - these databases have a great deal of information for students in the social sciences. Your university library also has a wealth of information. Most professors would prefer that you restrict your source-findings to these media. However, if there are news articles, movies or unpublished dissertations relevant to your research, then it may be wise to include them as well.

After choosing a research topic, you want to gather and review the relevant source material.

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Sociology Thesis Writing Guide. Your senior sociology thesis paper will (hopefully) mark an auspicious ending to your academic career.

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with your thesis until you’re satisfied with it. The thesis as part of the essay In academic writing, the thesis is usually stated in the introductory paragraph or section.

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"A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Sociology" [PDF]. Senior Thesis Support Seminar This is a seminar which meets once a week during the fall semester for students enrolled in Sociology It is not required, but writers are strongly advised to attend.

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Search to find a specific sociology essay or browse from the list below: Social Media from a Functionalist Perspective Introduction Late modern society is a network society (Castells, ). Guidelines for MA Sociology Thesis for Graduate Students Regarding MA Thesis (Plan A): The information listed below is to provide a general overview of the steps necessary in completing the Master of Arts Thesis (in Plan A) in the Sociology Department at Western Kentucky University.