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Vietnam War Essay

Essay title: Vietnam War

❶By the end of , there were almost five hundred thousand American military members stationed in Vietnam, and the death toll had surpassed fifteen thousand.

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United States belated involvement in Vietnam
Causes of the Vietnam War

The rationale behind U. The belief was if one communist country in Asia fell, others would follow. With that in mind, the number of U. That number would continue to climb. The War in Vietnam continued to escalate with no end in sight. In , following the assassination of President Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson became President of the United States. President Johnson played a key role in sending thousands of combat troops to Vietnam following the torpedo bombing of two U.

With congressional approval, President Johnson ordered the start of Operation Rolling Thunder, regular bombing raids on Vietnamese targets. As the Vietnam War continued into , opponents to the war started making their disagreement with the war known to anyone who would listen.

Boxer Muhammad Ali refused to join the draft because of his disagreement with the war and spent three years in prison. Across college campuses, the anti-war movement began. As the war raged on protests continued and only increased in size.

By , the number of people against the war effort increased as the number of U. Despite the protests against the war, the war raged on. Along with the United States, troops from New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand joined South Korea in its battle against throughout the course of the war.

The war leads to invasions in Cambodia in and Laos in The invasions cause further riots and anti-war protests in the U. In , after nearly two decades of battle, North Vietnam and the United States agreed to a cease-fire following peace talks. Rolling Thunder had three objectives; reduce the infiltration; boost South Vietnamese morale and to inform Hanoi of the ever increasing expense of a continued insurgence in the South.

They would find a way to withstand the American air assault, making it too expensive for Washington to maintain. On March 2 , the United States Air Force participated in Rolling Thunder for the first time, and inflicted heavy damage by large numbers of aircraft.

Rolling Thunder was criticized from the start that it was not too thunderous. The planning of air strikes was complex. Decisions, including low level choices, were taken thousands of miles from fighting in the Situation Room in Washington. There President Johnson could retain firm control over what attacks should be made. The US intervention caused problems for the Communists, forcing them to continually send North Vietnamese armies to the South, but this did not deter them from the struggle.

This situation was challenged in January when the Vietcong staged the bloody Tet Offensive. On the Tet holiday, the Vietcong forces went into action and launched coordinated fierce attacks on more than a cities and towns over the length and breadth of South Vietnam.

Despite this idea of Giap to devastate South Vietnam, and his hope that the campaign would be decisive, it failed.

The Vietcong failed to capture any towns or cities and were ultimately driven back from most of the positions they had gained. In the fighting, North Vietnam lost 85, of its best troops and many political officers and secret organizers for the guerillas.

Many more had been wounded or captured, and this fighting had created more than half a million civilian refugees. Tet was nothing less than a catastrophe. The Americans lost 2, men in the Tet Offensive. In spite of this US victory, however, by the early spring of much of the American public had concluded that the war would not be a victory for America.

The Johnson administration decided to pursue a negotiated settlement. On April 1st an Evacuation control Center was ready to evacuate American personnel and.

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Nov 20,  · There were several players in the Vietnam War: South Vietnam, North Vietnam, the USA, South Korea, People’s Republic of China, Russia. The major consequences of the war The Vietnam War had an enormous impact on the life of Americans, including various spheres of public and private life.3/5(19).

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The Vietnam War greatly changed America forever. It was the longest war fought in America’s history, lasting from to The Vietnam War tarnished America’s self image by becoming the first time in history the United States failed to accomplish its stated war aims, to preserve a separate, independent, noncommunist government.

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The Vietnam War was a domesticated civil war between the communist, North Vietnam, and the democratic, South Vietnam. The North was supported by the Chinese communist, and the leader Ho Chi Minh. The Vietnam War introduced the United States to the Vietcong and Guerrilla warfare. Vietnam War Essay The Vietnam War spanned from to and had the name, the Second Indochina War, prior to the United States involvement. The initial cause for the war was a battle between communist North Vietnam and its southern allies, the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its allies, the key ally being the United States.

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The Vietnam War was the first war that was broadly documented and reported on by the media. Almost every day, news about Vietnam was broadcasted on American television. At first the general opinion was positive, but as the war escalated and more American soldiers died, the opinion shifted. Read this American History Essay and over 88, other research documents. Vietnam War. France occupied all of Vietnam by Independence was declared after World War II, but the French continued to rule /5(1).