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Why does the legend of King Arthur hold such a powerful grip over us? Do you like to read books? What are the metrical features in poetry? What are the riddles that Gollum asked Bilbo in The Hobbit? Can you tell me what these two quotes from Much Ado About Nothing mean? What is connotation, and how do you find it in a poem? What is a dramatic monologue? What is formal fallacy? In the movie Dead Poets Society, what are some themes and values that are relevant to Transcendentalism.

Why didn't Mina Harker realize she was under Dracula's spell when she witnessed her friend fall prey to him, too? How could he be presented as a hero instead? In Romeo and Juliet , what are the different types of irony used?

What is the main theme in Fahrenheit ? Chapters , confirms Darnay's release? Why is Invisible Man considered a bildungsroman? Rank that eventually prompts him to disclose his own secret? What is a definition of short story? What percentage of people are considered geniuses? How do I write and publish my own novel? Do I use the past or present tense to answer this question: What is this poem about? Tips, Advice, and Warnings Graduate School: How would you use the PDSA cycle in your personal life?

Math I am confused about adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing negative numbers. Who are some famous female mathematicians? How did ounce come to be abbreviated as oz.? Given the set of numbers [7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42], find a subset of these numbers that sums to The speed limit on a certain part of the highway is 65 miles per hour.

What is this in feet per minute? What is the sum of the angles of an octagon? In math, what does reciprocal mean? How many grams in an ounce? A number is 20 less than its square. How much is 1, thousands? How do I find the angles of an isosceles triangle whose two base angles are equal and whose third angle is 10 less than three times a base angle?

Explain with words and an example how any number raised to the zero power is 1? What three consecutive numbers add up to ? How many ,,s in 50 billion? Of students asked if they like rock and roll or country music, 7 said they like neither, 90 said they like rock and roll, and 57 said they like country music. How many students like both?

What's the formula to convert square feet into square meters? In math, what is the definition of order of operations? What's the difference between digital and analog? What is the square root of ,? What are all of the prime numbers? Our teacher told us to look for clues in math word problems. What did she mean? How do I figure out math word problems without going crazy? What good is geometry going to do me after I get out of school?

I keep forgetting how to add fractions. Can you remind me? My teacher talks about the Greatest Common Factor. What's so great about it? Got any tips on finding percentages of a number? How do I use domain and range in functions? How do I change percents to decimals and fractions?

How about decimals and fractions to percents? What should I do if my teacher wants me to solve an inequality on a number line? What is a fast and easy way to work word problems? How do you combine numbers and symbols in an algebraic equation?

How do I go about rounding off a number? Can you describe a prism for me? How can I double-check my answers to math equations? How do you factor a binomial? I get the words mean , mode , median , and range mixed up in math. What do they all mean? How do you combine like terms in algebra? Can you make it easier for me to understand what makes a number a prime number? Explain probability to me and how about some examples?

Solving story problems is, well, a problem for me. What's inferential statistics all about? Finding percentages confuses me. Do you have any tips to make it simpler?

What's a quadratic equation, and how do I solve one? How do you figure out probability? How do you add integers? How do you use factoring in quadratic equations? What are limits in calculus? I've looked everywhere to find the meaning of this word and I can't find it. What's the definition of tesseract? In geometry, how do you get the perimeters of a square and a rectangle? What is the absolute value of a negative number?

A rectangle swimming pool is 24m longer than it is wide and is surrounded by a deck 3m wide. Find the area of the pool if the area of the deck is m 2. Where do I even start to solve this problem? How do you classify numbers, as in rational numbers, integers, whole numbers, natural numbers, and irrational numbers?

I am mostly stuck on classifying fractions. How do you convert a fraction to a decimal or change a decimal to a fraction?

How do you convert metric measurements? I'm curious about converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, or Fahrenheit to Celsius. How do I convert from one to the other? In basic math, the fraction bar shows division.

So why does this equation show multiplication instead of division? I'm taking geometry and I'm having problem with the angles and the degree. Is there a way you can help me out? The perimeter of a rectangle is 66m.

The width is 9m less than the length. What is the length and width of the rectangle? How many dollars are in 5, pesos? How many ounces in a pound? I'm having a hard time remembering percent of change. Is there a better way of understanding it? How do I figure out tangrams? What is the least common multiple of 8, 6, and 12? How do you convert decimals to fractions?

Sciences How did the planet" Pluto get its name? I know it's named after the mythical god of the underworld, but why? What does gender really mean? What does plum pudding have to do with physics?

What is the functionalist perspective in sociology? What does pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis mean? Why aren't viruses considered living things? Why does your breathing rate increase when you exercise? Everyone says you shouldn't clean your ears with cotton swabs because you could break an eardrum. But if you do break your eardrum, will it grow back? What is a mole? How, and why, is body fat stored? Where on the body do you find ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium?

Since she was only married for 72 days, does Kim Kardashian have to give back her wedding gifts? In the United States, how can you get buried at sea? What exactly is Salvia divinorum , and is it legal? What is the composition and volume of whole blood? Should I refer to a widow as Mrs. Is it possible to catch more than one cold at a time? Why does the Earth have more gravitational force than the moon or some other planet? Did humans evolve from monkeys or apes?

What is the largest organ in the human body? How did we end up with both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales? What is absolute zero? What is cell theory? How come when humans flatulate, it smells bad? What is the most abundant element in the earth's crust?

Is global warming man-made? What exactly is wind? And why does it blow? This sounds really disgusting, but I'm curious: Can humans drink animal blood, or any other kind of blood? Why is space exploration important? How is photosynthesis essential to life on earth? What is the highest mountain in New Mexico? What's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Who are the unbelievers" referred to in The Koran? What is it that they do not believe? What happens when you die? Why is it important to memorize where the 50 states are on a map? What kind of endangered species are there? Can you give me some examples, please?

It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, so when you drive a car, is it against the law to sneeze? What are tectonic plates? I have boy trouble. I want to ask out my friend, but I am not sure he is going to say yes. Plus, he said he had a girlfriend when we talked during school. Plus, my parents don't want me to date. Why is the sky blue? Do you really shrink at the end of the day and then grow in the morning? What is the difference between matter" and "mass"?

What are closed contour lines? What does the periodic table look like? Do you know anything about the law of conservation of energy?

Is it really a law? I thought I knew what work means, but my physics teacher defines it differently. What's up with that? How do plants know when to drop their leaves?

What's the surface of the moon like? How does the number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom differentiate it from another atom? How do big rocks wear down over time? What does genetic recombination mean? How has DNA matching really made big difference in finding out who committed a crime? What's the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems? What is incomplete dominance? Can hydrocarbons be considered compounds?

Can you explain what molar mass is? Aren't fungi really plants? What information is contained in a chemical equation? What are the endocrine and exocrine systems? How do electrical charges interact? Are there more than three kingdoms of life? I can never remember. What are the characteristics of electrically charged objects? How does anomie theory explain deviant behavior? Why would anybody think there might be life on another planet?

What are chemical solutions? Do you know of any way to simplify the overall subject of biochemical genetics? Can a loud noise really shatter glass? How do magnetic fields work? Did Clarence Darrow really call an animal in to testify at the famous monkey trial? What role does the thyroid gland play in the human body? What did Mendel discover about heredity when he was playing around with plants? How many laws of motion did Newton come up with, and what are they? What in the world is constructive and destructive interference?

How do viruses do their dirty work? What do bones do, except give us a skeletal structure? Do all viruses look alike? My teacher keeps talking about solubility. What does that mean, anyway? How do positive and negative reinforcement work? How does nondisjunction relate to birth defects?

With all the germs in the world today, how come everybody's not sick all the time? What is thermal equilibrium? How are sound waves created? What do taste buds look like — up-close? How often does an eclipse happen? What is the chemical composition of saltwater? I was told to write a sentence answer to this question: When in life do you learn to expect the unexpected?

I don't really know of an answer. Can you help me figure it out? My school is having a blood drive and I am considering donating blood. Can you tell me more about the whole process and if it is painful? Where can I download music for free? And if I do, is it illegal? How do I convince my parents to give me ten bucks? How should I deal with being a perfectionist? How do I convince my little brother and sisters to stay out of my room?

Can you eat a rooster? How do I work out a problem with a teacher who loses the assignments I turn in and then accuses me of not doing the homework? Could a Tyrannosaurus rex kill King Kong? Will a tattoo inhibit hair growth? When did gays come about? I was wondering if the tilt on the earth's axis is important to animal life on earth. What are the four types of tissue found in the human body?

Is there any easy" way to understand the Krebs Cycle? What is cell death? And what is the difference between apoptosis and necrosis? How do I find the molar mass of the elements on the periodic table? What do the symbols on the Periodic Table mean? How is your mind connected to your dreams? Does this have anything to do with psychology?

What are the three main functions of the skeletal system? What are the characteristics of a moneran, protist, and fungus? Why does a placebo work? And who does it work for? What are two properties of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids? Is it part of the circulatory system in our bodies?

Can there be life on Mars? How much of the ozone layer is left? Is it possible for a marine mammal to be infected with rabies? What exactly does the RNA do? What is the sperm travel process? What is a bacterial colony?

Dealing with the myth of Cinderella, written by the Grimm brothers, how could you analyze it in terms of archetypes that Carl Jung used? What exactly is blood clotting and what are the processes involved? What is the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission?

Does a person have to have the same blood type as his or her brothers and sisters? My teacher said that eating poisonous mushrooms can make you sick or even kill you, but that they're not the only fungus that can. What is she talking about? What is the chemical equation for orange juice? What kind of structures are opposable toes? What is an oral groove? Dogs are spayed, but humans have hysterectomies. Isn't it all the same surgery?

What does the endoplasmic reticulum ER do? What is the angle formed by a horizontal line and a line of sight to a point below? If I choose to take the computerized version of the GRE, will I be typing or writing my analytical and issue essays? Can you use a calculator on the GMAT? What are you allowed to take in with you to the test? Now I'm wondering if I did the right thing. Is it better to guess on GMAT answers or would that count against me? How is my GMAT score used by grad schools?

Is it true that the writing assessment sections of the GMAT are graded by a computer? What kinds of scores are reported on the GRE, and how long will it take for me to get my scores?

What do I need to bring with me to the GRE testing center? How are GRE scores used? How do I learn stuff for in-class exams? How do I get ready for a math test? Can I take a calculator to my ACT exam? Do you have any tips for doing well on the AP Chemistry test?

What can I expect in the math part of the SAT? How can I prepare for the SAT essay? Is there a fun way to learn SAT vocabulary? How can I make sure I finish the AP essay question in time? Since I made the soccer team, I don't feel like I have enough time to study. Do you have any study tips so I can use my time better and make sure I don't get kicked off the team for my grades? I'm a huge procrastinator. How can I manage my time effectively to catch up on my assignments?

What kind or amount of note-taking is optimal? I get lost while making a notation and miss other parts of the lecture.

I want to get good grades, so I work hard, but all I ever do is study! Since I never have any time to play, I end up playing during class and get into trouble. I don't even have time to brush my teeth or take a shower I study so much!

I study so hard for my tests that I know I know the material, but then I always panic and bomb. How can I reduce my test anxiety? I do really bad on quizzes. I'm okay with tests and homework, but I do horribly on quizzes. What can I do to prepare for quizzes? I've screwed up horribly this semester. I always say I'm going to change my habits, but I always end up getting lazy and doing something else.

I want to succeed, but how can I get rid of my own laziness? If you have any music or audio notes playing on tape, CD, or whatever and you fall asleep, is it true that you'll have whatever was played memorized by the time you wake up? I have trouble understanding a book when I read. I try to read so that I can finish the book quickly but still understand what's going on. Could you give me a few tips on how to understand a book while reading at a quick pace? What is the best study method when trying to cram three chapters all at once?

What if I have a really bad memory? When I read a page of a book, I can't go back and remember it. Why do some teachers say light a peppermint candle?

I mean, I don't think it helps you concentrate. I really suck at taking multiple choice tests. Do you have any suggestions for not psyching myself out before a big test? Are the math questions on the GMAT extremely difficult and complex? What does AP mean? Writing How can I explain to my friend what I mean when I call him tedious? Does the word privations has something to do with the government?

What's the difference between goulash and galoshes? What exactly is a parallel structure? I have a bet on this: Learnt is a real word, right? Is a boor somebody who boos or somebody who bores?

Somebody in my drama club used the word ostentation the other day. What's another word that means the same thing as malevolence? I find the same typo in a lot of books I read. Shouldn't connexion be connection? What do you call a word that only ever appears as a plural? What s the difference between like and such as Can you show an easy way to remember when to use I" or "me" in a sentence?

And please skip the technical grammar rules. What does the word supercilious mean? Is grippe something that makes you sick? Does the word elucidation have something to do with drugs? How would you use fervid and fervent in a sentence? How can someone become a good writer? What period in history does histrionics cover? People used to die from consumption. Does that mean they ate too much? Is it ever okay to start a sentence with the word but? What is the longest word in the English language?

There are some local reasons. So I want to know if "Vivi" really can't be used as a name. Do I underline it or italicize it? Please look at this sentence: Both Peter and John like soccer. Both Peter and John likes soccer. What are the four genders of noun? What is it called when a word is the same both forward and backward? Kim won some money. And lent one-fifth of the remaining money to a friend. I really want your opinion on what I would put down if Lake Rotorua was a volcano, what would you put is it true or false as I don't know what to put down and it is for my science topic, I really First, determine what information you need to answer this question, then click here to display that info along with other info.

How much water does Janine drink in a day? Smith goes to the gym 3 times a week, how many times does he go in a year? Is the answer 3 Graph the polynomial function. Label all key points. Clara has to fill water from wells into tanks of the same size. The first well has 12 gallons of water, while the second has 54 gallons.

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