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Duke Ellington

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❶It wasn't until later when Blacks began to hear the Duke's music for the first time. It is a well-known fact that Duke Ellington went down in history of jazz music as one of the most significant composers, as well as outstanding bandleader, who led his own musical group of about fifty years.

Duke Ellington essay

Essay title: Duke Ellington
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One of the strange things that was known about Duke was that his school music teacher, Mrs. Clink scales, who played the piano, was always the inspiration for him to just sit down and start tinkering around with a few notes that usually became big hits.

In his band the two, probably most famous musicians were the trumpeter Whetsol and the saxophonist Hodges. As the band became more and more popular, saxophonist Hodges became the highest paid performer in the United States. At that time Duke then added a young drummer named Sonny Greer. They were often stuck in the street with no money and nowhere to go. Duke and his band often were stuck doing crude recordings just for a few dollars to buy a meal. In the autumn of , luck had crossed paths with Duke again.

Duke and his band opened on December 4, to meet a mad rush of spectators who eagerly waited to hear Dukes newest pieces. Johnny Hodges, now on alto. Retrieved 11, , from https: Read full document Save. At the Smithsonian, one musician looms larger than any other: No one did all those things as brilliantly as did Ellington. He stands as a vital figure in musical history, American history, and African American culture: A Tone Parallel to the History of the Negro in the United States ; fought musical pigeonholing and racial stereotyping; set an example by taking control of his copyrights and music publishing; and conducted unofficial and official cultural diplomacy for the United States by performing in 65 countries of the world.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Duke Ellington ever actually at the Smithsonian? Yes, on January 20, , he came to perform at the first inauguration of President Richard M. Constantly giving the tours, Ellington did not forget about the studio, which resulted in an enormous discography. In addition, as it was previously mentioned, the musician wrote a big majority of musical compositions for the theater and television productions. This album is notable for its specific nature, because it is not similar to others.

Soft sound format provides an excellent opportunity for a great solo, and familiar songs sound completely different. Album is full of slow lyrical songs, and the great attention is paid to the record of the piano solo by Duke Ellington.

The album can be also considered a set of smart, time-tested melodies in popular exposition. Tempo never exceeds moderate, and, comparing this album to the dance, it is surely a slow dance, which allows people to feel the deep emotions of own heart and reflect them in thoughts.

It is a really intelligent music.

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Duke Ellington essay Edward Kennedy Ellington was one of the most famous jazz composers and performers of the twentieth century. It is a well-known fact that Duke Ellington went down in history of jazz music as one of the most significant composers, as well as outstanding bandleader, who led his own musical group of about fifty years.

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- Duke Ellington was born Edward Kennedy Ellington on April 28, in Washington, D.C. to Daisy and James Ellington. They served as the ideal role models for young Duke and taught him everything from table manners to the power of music.

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Duke Ellington Essay Words | 3 Pages. Duke Elington Duke Ellington was an American jazz bandleader, composer, and pianist. He is thought of as one the greatest figures in jazz. Edward Kennedy Ellington was born into the world on April 29, in Washington, D.C. Duke’s parents, Daisy Kennedy Ellington and James Edward Ellington, served as ideal role models for young Duke, and taught him everything from proper table manners to .

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Duke Ellington is considered to be one of the greatest figures in the history of American music. Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was born in Washington D.C. on April 29, His parents were James Edward and Daisy Kennedy Ellington/5(1). Duke Ellington Essay DUKE ELLINGTON Duke Ellington, named Edward Kennedy Ellington at birth, was born on April 29, , in Washington D.C. to James Edward Ellington and Daisy Kennedy Ellington.