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Montag's Blue Horse School Supplies Sign W/ 2 Tablets

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The Year Gallop of Montag Brothers’ Blue Horse Products. making Montag one of the largest paper companies in the industry by An old Montage Brothers’ wrapper from the spring of shows, “50, Prizes For All You Lucky Boys And Girls.” I have one of the Blue Horse Paper Company bicycle that has never been restored.

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Louis Montag begins his career at Montag Brothers Paper Company in Atlanta. Louis Montag starts Atlanta’s first independent advisory firm, Montag & Caldwell. Louis’s son, Tony, joins his father’s firm. Tony leaves Montag & Caldwell and joins Wood, Struthers & Winthrop.

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Since I wrote a column in August about Atlanta’s Montag Brothers Paper Company’s clever Blue Horse awards marketing promotion, I have received a steady flow of flow of comments. In the s and s, the Montag Brothers Paper Company based in Atlanta, GA, offered a number of premiums to school children who bought their products. Kids could cut out and collect the "Blue Horse" trademarks found on Montag goods and send them in to the company for prizes, ranging anywhere from beanie caps to bicycles.

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Jun 04,  · The name Montag is actually the name of a paper manufacturing company. The name alludes to the fact that Montag is a blank slate who picks up bits of Status: Resolved. Rare Montag Brothers Paper School Supplies Metal Sign. Actual sign measures 16" x 6". It is attached to a metal frame that attached on top of the metal rack that .