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Essays on Running

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❶I think it was an attitude change and a let-go approach.

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Leah’s Essay – “Why I Love To Run”

Through pains and sprains and through adverse weather and unfavorable conditions, I run because I made up my mind three years ago to succeed. With amenities such as cars and buses, I have no pragmatic reason to use my feet, especially if I lack a destination.

I do not run to the gym to acquire a stylish figure, for my slender frame does not require it. And this grueling run differs from a relaxing jog to a coffee shop. I am pushing myself constantly to run faster and farther, for my team as well as for personal glory. Somehow with tireless effort and unflagging commitment, I run through the sleeping streets of my neighborhood with the awareness that I am steadily reaching my goal-maintaining the discipline that cross-country demands.

In my mind I see a victory line that symbolizes the results of perseverance and hard work. This line makes me realize that ambition and tenacity do not go in vain.

And it constantly reminds me that all those mornings in which I struggled to leave my cozy cocoon have allowed me to fly. While the world slept, I, Jane Smith, was awake and working hard to attain my goal. I feel more confident now, that on the road of life, when others may be walking, I will be running.

I will run through ankle injuries and through fatigue. I will endure the inevitable hills and valleys. I will endure, and I will achieve. Her guidance was extremely helpful in thinking of the right idea for the essay and in expanding on the topic to best answer the question. I was completely concentrated on what I was going to do, and what had to be done. I let myself float off in my own little world. I was the only person in this world. The overwhelming white sky was above my head.

There was nothing but white. There were no people, no fans, and no other runners. I was in a zone. This happy, peaceful, tranquil place slowly let out all of the nervousness and pressure that was building up inside of me. I was ready to run my heart out. Then, the gun went off.

All of the runners started off at a very fast pace. I could feel the wet, grassy, solid ground beneath my feet. We started up a large, steep, inclining hill. The ground was slippery, and it was hard for my feet to maintain a solid grip against the surface. As I made my way up the hill, I could feel that my shins and my thighs were starting to burn. This tingly, burning sensation was getting worse, and I just wanted to stop running.

I kept pushing though, even as the pain was building. I reached the top of the hill, and was now on flat land. I was now running on a narrow, gravel lane with screaming fans lined up on both sides of the pathway.

As I came striding past these crazed fans, I realized how important the race was. This was the last and final race of the year. It was the championship. It was all I worked and trained for. The runner beside me was breathing heavily, and the sound of his feet crashing against the ground was intimidating. I, however, was not about to back down. As we passed the rocky, flat path, my mind started to drift away from the race, the screaming fans, and everything around me.

I started to ask myself if this pain and agony would be worth it in the end. I went back to the beginning of the school year when I was debating if I should run. I remember debating to myself if I would be able to handle the hard work, pain, discipline, desire, and heart that was needed to be competitive at the sport.

Everyday this repetitively played in my mind. I was full of mixed emotions. On one hand, I just wanted to relax and concentrate on my studies my freshman year of high school. On the other hand, I wanted to be part of a team to meet friends and to have fun. I wanted to be pushed every second of the race by the screaming fans.

I wanted to feel that intense feeling of victory. I wanted to experience that wild, thrilling, orgasmic feeling as I crossed the finished line. I then drifted from my debating period to the actual training period.

I remember some of our practices that were complete torture. It was absolute pain and hard work. Every day at practice I would taste the sweat that came pouring down from my forehead onto the top of my dry, chapped lips. Some practices my legs felt so tired and felt like they just were going to collapse. Other practices they felt as light as a feather, and it just felt so easy to move and to run. No matter how my body felt, it somehow kept going.

Some days, we ran through rain, and others we ran in the bitter cold. I just kept running. I slowly brought myself back into reality and back into the race.

I looked out in front of me and saw one last hill before the finish line. My legs kept moving. My arms were pacing back and forth, but it took more and more effort to move my them with every stride I took. My shoulders were starting to feel week, and felt like they were going to collapse in my body. I needed and wanted a drink so badly that I was trying to lick the sweat from the side of my face. With all of this pain and agony, I kept pressing harder and moving forward. I approached the hill along with the runner besides me.

I thought my legs were going to give out from underneath me. I looked to the top of the hill, and it was not far away. The excitement from this helped me take a few extra long strides. I stumbled a little, but regained my composure. I was at the top. All that was left was the final turn, and then the straightaway.

I glided back down the hill with very short, yet confident strides. I was on a flat surface again. It was now time to kick in the final push. I knew it would come down to the finish, and I was up for the challenge.

I took a deep breath, and started sprinting toward the finish line as fast as my body would go. I looked to my side, and saw that the runner was still with me. With each one of our strides, we were moving faster. As we rounded the final stretch, both of us were neck and neck. I could hear him breathing heavily, and he could hear me doing the same.

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Essay on Running,Running,Running Words | 4 Pages. Running,Running,Running It was a windy night, James and Alice were finishing their work when they saw an opening to the woods.

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The running essay need not be very lengthy, as people do not have enough patience to read though the whole lot. The running essay should be short, informative, and compelling! Finally, if you want to know more about succeeding in life, read a running essay.

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May 16,  · Bowdenta Running Essay I am going faster than I ever thought I could have three years ago. My feet pound against the pavement. I can hear my breath1 streaming out . Free running papers, essays, and research papers. Running - Running is very good for humans in many different ways. It is a great way to get exercise, and a great way to meet new people.

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The beginning of my junior year of high school I could not have imagined my cross country season going any better. I was winning races, and my race times had . The beauty of running stems from choice – the choice to continue, the question of the next route to conquer. Freedom, that is the gift of running. On a run, infinite paths reveal themselves.