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❶He studied the Ziehn method of composition with Julius Gold The crowd of those attending the ceremonies--around 14,is full of anti-war placards bearing slogans such as "Arthur Goldberg, Doctor of War.

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Principal Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony: A Chronological Listing

The two cities also line up closely on affordable housing: Neither has much nor has extensive plans to build any. At CityLab , Gabriel Metcalf wrote that he specifically moved to San Francisco for its progressive policies but that those policies have caused a housing shortage of epic proportions. Both cities have produced astonishing inequality, an ever-shrinking middle class and a deepening homeless problem. Both cities are throwing money at the issue and hoping something works out.

But people generally will only tolerate human poop on sidewalks for so long. New York needs to stop following San Francisco down its poop-filled road before conventions start thinking twice about visiting.

The war on civility is a war on America and other commenta In , Tak played again with the New York Symphony.

Henry Hadley brought Eduard Tak with him from New York as Concertmaster for the inaugural season, perhaps at the recommendation of Hadley's friend Victor Herbert, who knew Tak.

In , Eduard Tak joined the first violins of the Boston Symphony Orchestra where he stayed from Tak then returned to New York City, where he was a concert violinist. In the season, Edward Tak joined the New York Philharmonic were he stayed for eleven seasons In the late s, Edward Tak seems to have returned to Europe, and he died in Germany on December 28, after a career in which he performed in most of the leading US orchestras. Adolph Rosenbecker in 5. After studies with local teachers, at age 14, he began playing in the Saalbau Orchestra of Frankfurt until He then went to the Leipzig Conservatory, where he studied violin with the famous teacher Ferd David, and conducting with Carl Reinecke during the years Upon graduation, he was a first violin with the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

In , Theodore Thomas asked him to join his New York-based touring orchestra, with which group Rosenbecker remained for 8 years, until In , Rosenbecker relocated to Chicago. Rosenbecker became a teacher at the Chicago Conservatory, and also directed a theater orchestra. Adolph Rosenbecker also organized and was conductor and sometime Concertmaster of a part-time ensemble he called the "Chicago Symphony Orchestra". This was not the group we now refer to as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The CSO from its creation in until was called the "Chicago Orchestra", when in , to honor their recently deceased conductor, it was renamed the "Theodore Thomas Orchestra". Rosenbecker's orchestra, made up primarily of Chicago musicians, played at May festivals and summer programs, and therefore help the musicians earn money in the off-season.

Rosenbecker ended this ensemble's activity in , but it added to his conducting experience. He then joined the San Francisco Symphony in the season as its second Concertmaster, succeeding Edward Tak, who had returned east to the Boston Symphony.

When Alfred Hertz arrived as Music Director in the season, Rosenbecker became Assistant Conductor, and head of the second violin section what we would now call Principal Second violin From contemporary records, Adolph Rosenbecker seems not to have finished the season. Louis Persinger was born in February 11, in Rochester, Illinois. By age 18, he was living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Persinger became concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony in at age He was also an associate conductor of the Orchestra.

Persinger had several very successful students. Persinger was Concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony for eleven seasons, Also organized the Persinger String Quartet in about Click on the thumbnail below to see the full picture of the Persinger Quartet: Persinger was also a good pianist, and he accompanied his student Ruggiero Ricci during a number of tours, and also recordings of the great violinist into the s.

Persinger was also an avid chess player. Mishel Piastro circa His father, also Mishel, was a student of Leopold Auer and he taught his son Michel the violin. Piastro also studied with Auer from while at the St. In , Piastro toured, and arrived in San Francisco in early April, , after having traveled via Shanghai and Canada.

Piastro then also toured the U. Piastro became a citizen in San Francisco in He became Concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony in , under Alfred Hertz, remaining for five seasons, until the end of This lead to Mishel Piastro being appointed conductor of the Longines Symphonette, a radio broadcasting orchestra. In , Artur Rodzinski was appointed Music Director of the New York Philharmonic, and he fired 14 orchestra musicians, including the Concertmaster, Mishel Piastro, and 6 other first-desk musicians Mishel Piastro also continued his teaching Sidney Harth was one of this students In the s and s, Mishel Piastro concentrated more on his conducting activities, and continued conducting and recording light classics into the early s, including after the demise of the Longines Symphonette.

Nathan Abas was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands October 23, to father Jacob Abas, a diamond cutter who later died in Auschwitz. Abas initially studied in Amsterdam at the Conservatorium. By about , Nathan Abas was a first violinist with the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

He came to the New York City in May, Abas made his New York solo appearance in Town Hall to respectful, but luke-warm reviews " He performed orchestral music on the radio in New York City in and Abas came to San Francisco in for health following illness While in San Francisco, he briefly taught Isaac Stern. He performed at local concerts in the mids. In the late s and into the s, Abas was playing in and conducting the northern California WPA orchestra created for musicians needing work during the depression.

Abas died in Riverside, California June 1, Naoum Blinder took up the violin early. Leaving Odessa in about , Naoum Blinder then studied at the Moscow Conservatory but not at that time with Adolph Brodsky, as some sources state. Brodsky had played the world premiere of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto December 4, , and later was Concertmaster of the New York Symphony Following the revolution, Blinder was on the faculty of the Moscow Conservatory from to September 1, 33, Blinder left the Soviet Union with his wife and daughter by taking a concert tour in Japan in , and never returning.

However, within 18 months of his arrival, the San Francisco Symphony collapsed from lack of financing. The San Francisco Symphony season was cancelled, and only three San Francisco Symphony musicians remained under contract: San Francisco Symphony archives.

Blinder was called by his friends "Nousha", and had many loyal violin students. He [Naoum Blinder] spoke with and inherent dignity. His was a kind of benign strength. He didn't stamp out a student's personal approach to music so that one recognized the teacher, not the student.

In time, his students constituted half the violinists of the orchestra. He was an astonishingly strong personality, without any trace of egotism about him Naoum Blinder was also active in chamber music, and was a founder of the San Francisco String Quartet: At the end of Blinder's long tenure as Concertmaster, his eyesight gave him increasing problems such that at the end of the season, he was compelled to retire 3. Naoum Blinder died November 21, in San Francisco.

Isaac Stern said of his teacher: Frank Houser was born March 15, in San Francisco. He studied violin for 10 years in San Francisco with Artur Argiewicz , who was teaching at the University of California, Berkeley. Isaac Stern in his autobiography says that Houser with whom Stern studied was also a student of Naoum Blinder 4. In , Frank Houser was one of the violinists hired by Pierre Monteux 36 when Monteux began rebuilding the San Francisco Symphony, following the symphony's brush with bankruptcy in the season.

Frank Houser also performed in the San Francisco String Quartet, whose composition changed over the years, but was with his colleagues: When Josef Krips became conductor, in his second season, , he made several changes in the violin section, including replacing Frank Houser with Jacob rachmalnick , previously Concertmaster of numerous orchestras, including the Philadelphia and the Concertgebouw.

Frank Houser then moved to the second chair, next to Krachmalnick. Hauser also remained Concertmaster of the San Francisco Opera Frank Houser died October 12, in San Francisco from leukemia, age only 57 He was older brother to Samuel Krachmalnick , who became a well known Broadway musical conductor, and who also conducted at the New York City Opera.

Jacob or "Jake" Krachmalnick took up the violin early, and he and his brother Sam both played at concerts at the St. Louis YMHA in the s. Krachmalnick studied at the Curtis Institute , studying with Efrem Zimbalist, among others and graduating in the Class of Krachmalnick returned to St. Louis and played in the Symphony for several months, before entering the Air Force during World War 2. Beginning in the Autumn of , and until , Krachmalnick was assistant Concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra, next to Concertmaster Josef Gingold.

The next season, Krachmalnick went to Philadelphia, where he was Philadelphia Concertmaster from He also performed at the Casals festival in Prades in Krachmalnick suddenly left the Philadelphia Orchestra at the end of the season, after a series of disagreements with Ormandy. After van Beinum died, Krachmalnick remained at the Concertgebouw two more seasons, and then moved back to the U.

On his return to the U. During this period, Krachmalnick was also a New York sessions musician, making a number of recordings. Often, particularly in off-season from to the late s, Krachmalnick did session recordings in Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Francisco. Krachmalnick had a full, rich violin tone, and soloed with orchestras more often than many other Concertmasters. Jake Krachmalnick was said by his colleagues to be a difficult leader of the violins, given to harsh and sarcastic criticism of the first and second violins.

Krachmalnick also often had stormy relationships with each orchestra in which he played. He studied violin with the famous teacher Ivan Galamian Canin was Associate Concertmaster as selected by Josef Krips. Canin therefore sat next to Concertmaster Jake Krachmalnick now further resented by his colleagues due to his contemptuous attitude toward many. In the season, when Seiji Ozawa arrived, he selected Stuart Canin as his new Concertmaster, and Krachmalnick departed to teach.

Canin remained as Concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony for ten seasons, However, Canin eventually decided to decline this offer.

Raymond Kobler is a San Francisco native, having been born there on August 18, Remaining in Washington D. Kobler then joined the National Symphony under Antal Dorati for two seasons, Two years later, he won the audition for Assistant Concertmaster of the Baltimore Symphony under Sergiu Comissiona Raymond Kobler then moved to Cleveland, where for seven seasons , he was Associate Concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra under Lorin Maazel.

He served as SFS Concertmaster for eighteen seasons with great critical and fan appreciation, under as succession of music directors: After retiring at the end of the season, Raymond Kobler continued to be active in chamber music and orchestras, including the Pacific Symphony in Orange County, California where he has been Concertmaster present.

Meanwhile, he is actively training a next generation of musicians at. Alexander Barantschik was born in Leningrad St. Petersburg Russia in He studied at the Leningrad Conservatory, and still in his twenties performed with the Leningrad Philharmonic. Barantschik was from Concertmaster of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic.

During the later years of his tenure with the Netherlands Radio orchestra, Alexander Barantschik was also Leader Concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra His tenure in San Francisco has been marked by a close relationship with his orchestral colleagues, and a warm following by his San Francisco fans. In , Alexander Barantschik performed the San Francisco premier of the violin concerto Aftersight by his friend Viktor Kissine Arthur Weiss was born in Hungary on May 6, He studied at the Budapest Conservatory with the famous musician David Popper in the s.

Arthur Weiss played cello with the New York Symphony in about In about , Arthur Weiss relocated to San Francisco, where he and his cello survived the earthquake. The next season, Henry Hadley brought in his brother Arthur Hadley as Principal cell, and Arthur Weiss moved to the second chair as what we would now call Assistant Principal cello. Weiss continued in the second cello chair first half of season when Stanilas Bem joined the San Francisco Symphony as Assistant Principal cello.

At that time Arthur Weiss moved to the third chair. Weiss continued to serve in the cello section in San Francisco until the end of , a total of fifteen seasons.

He was also active in chamber music. Arthur Weiss played the Vincenzo Ruggeri cello, which he had acquired from his teacher David Popper. Arthur Weiss died in Berkeley, California on March 4, , just before his 85th birthday. Arthur Hadley was born in Somerville, Massachusetts in November, into a musical family.

His father, Samuel Henry Hadley was a music teacher in the Somerville public schools. Arthur Hadley was Principal cello for several seasons with Emil Mollenhauer's Boston Festival Orchestra , a pick-up orchestra organized each season for summer festivals. Arthur Hadley was a cellist with the Boston Symphony Arthur Hadley was Principal cello for three seasons, He then returned to Boston, where he was a soloist and chamber music player.

Arthur Hadley died in Boston in Horace Britt was born on June 18, , in Antwerp, Belgium. He therefore learned to sight read before he took up an instrument. Horace studied cello, and his brother Roger Britt, the violin. Horace Britt returned to Antwerp to study cello Gustav Faes to prepare him for the Paris Conservatoire entrance examination In November, , at the age of 11, Horace Britt won entrance to the Paris Conservatoire, where he studied with Jules Delsart Britt won the Conservatoire cello Premier prix in , at age 14, the youngest winner to that time 30 his record was broken the next year by 13 year old Paul Bazelaire.

Horace Britt was cello solo with the Lamoureux Orchestra in , and with the Colonne Orchestra in At that time, Britt was Principal cello of the Chicago Symphony Horace Britt's brother Roger was a first violin with the Philadelphia Orchestra Britt remained SFS Principal cello for six seasons, Horace Britt in the early s also was cello with the Hans Letz Quartet: Horace Britt in the late s performed with the Elman String Quartet: The Elman Quartet also recorded for Victor records in , and in the same year, was the first cellist to be recorded on a sound movie.

In the s, Horace Britt formed the Britt Trio. From , Britt was visiting Professor at the University of Texas, Austin, and then joined the faculty. Walter Ferner was born February 11, in Baltimore, Maryland. He went to Europe to study, and in his artist's biography in newspaper reviews, is said to have been " Walter Ferner, violin-cellist, who for years occupied the position of solo cellist [i. Principal cello] with the great Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin This of course would have been a major achievement for a young cellist from Baltimore.

Elias Hecht had organized the group in about Walter Ferner remained Principal cello in San Francisco for five seasons Ferner died in San Francisco on January 8, He came from a musical family, his father Maurice Penha also being a musician. Penha graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatoire in , at age 16 He had studied with Isaac Mossel Penha also studied with Hugo Becker , perhaps at Dr.

Michel Penha made his first concert appearance in Amsterdam in and then toured Europe. He relocated to New York in Penha also performed chamber music recitals in New York. Penha was Principal cello for five seasons, beginning in , the same season in which Romain Verney joined the Philadelphia Orchestra as Principal viola.

Also like his friend Verney, Michel Penha left the Philadelphia Orchestra at the end of the season to relocate to San Francisco. In the late s, Penha and Verney were together members of two string quartets, chamber music groups forming an important part of Penha's career. These were the California String Quartet: Penha in relocated to Portland, Oregon for a time, although still active in the San Francisco area.

Michel Penha seems never to have married, and died in Los Angeles in February 10, , age His wife and child stayed behind, not having proper papers. He continued in the first cello chair until the performances of the San Francisco Symphony were suspended in the season. However, in the late s and culminating in the season, Pierre Monteux was said to be unhappy with his cello section. For the season, three cellists were listed as "solo": The other cellists rotated seating in alphabetical order during that season.

Willem van den Berg had departed to join the music faculty at nearby Mills College, where Darius Milhaud also taught. A new hire, Rudolph Kirs was in the fourth cello chair. He had suffered an aortic aneurysm, in which the wall of the aorta weakens and can rupture causing rapid death.

Van den Berg as a conductor in Willem van den Burg was born in the Hague, Netherlands in Van den Burg studied at the Hague Conservatory, where he won the Foch medal He came to the US in The next season, Willem van den Berg moved to the Philadelphia Orchestra, selected by Leopold Stokowski to become Principal cello, replacing Hanns Pick who lasted with Stokowski only one season.

Willem van den Berg was Principal cello of the Philadelphia Orchestra for nine seasons, Van den Berg also branched into conducting. Van den Burg had appeared as a cello soloist with Monteux in Philadelphia and Amsterdam Van den Burg had an on-again off-again relationship with the Francisco Symphony cello section as he pursued his conducting.

From to about , Willem van den Burg was later Principal cello and assistant conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic under Alfred Wallenstein. Willem van den Burg arranged cello training pieces entitled 67 Etudes for the Cello on the Beethoven Quartets which are still used today for cello instruction.

He also played cello in Hollywood studios in the s. Willem van den Burg died in California in after a rich and varied career. During that season, he decided to rotate each member of the cello section below the first cello chairs 'in alphabetical order' This was a practice which of course would not be accepted today, either by the musicians, nor their employment agreements.

This seemed to have resulted in Boris Blinder being named Principal cello in the season, although Willem van den Burg also seems to have been listed as being 'solo'. Both Boris Blinder and first Willem van den Burg, and later George Barati were listed being 'first cello' or 'solo cello' in SFSO publicity during the s, so perhaps Monteux employed co-Principal celli during this period. He studied with two Dutch-born cello teachers: That season, there were three cellists listed as "Solo": Monteux also decided to rotate each member of the cello section, below the "Solo" celli 'in alphabetical order' Then, the next year in the season, Boris Blinder was again listed as the sole Principal cello under Monteux.

Boris Blinder remained in the first cello chair for twenty-three further seasons, Boris Blinder retired from the San Francisco Symphony at the end of the season. In the s, Boris Blinder was also active in the Aeolian Ensemble, a chamber music group.

Boris Blinder died in San Francisco January 31, , age While still a student, in about , Barati became first cellist with the Budapest Symphony and the Budapest Municipal Opera.

At Princeton, in and , George Barati taught cello He also studied composition with Roger Sessions at Princeton from to Barati was in the US Army He was also a member of the California String Quartet: During the s, George Barati also became active as a conductor. As a composer, George Barati wrote a symphony, and opera The Feather Cloak , chamber works, and music for chorus Robert Sayre was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in He began his cello studies at age nine with Joseph Derdeyn and Eero Davidson Robert Sayre graduated from the Curtis Institute in 95 , and joined the Cleveland Orchestra cello section 97 where he served for three seasons Robert Sayre won the Piatigorsky Prize in and joined the cello section for summer programs of the Boston Pops.

In , Sayre played concerts in Europe. Persinger accepted a demotion in the viola section, but Sayre did not accept demotion in the cello section 9. Sayre instead resigned from the SFSO at the end of the season to pursue a solo playing career and to develop a conducting position.

Sayre founded the San Francisco Young Professionals Orchestra in , which he conducted, and of which the average age was 25 Robert Sayre also taught cello at the San Francisco Conservatory.

Robert Sayre has also recorded extensively in the US and in Europe. He studied at the Curtis Institute where he graduated in the Class of Grebanier made his recital debut in New York City in at the age of nineteen. Michael Grebanier joined the cello section of the Cleveland Orchestra, where his teacher, Leonard Rose had previously been Principal Cello, in the season under George Szell. Grebanier remained in Cleveland for 4 seasons: Jaulus seems to have studied at the Budapest conservatoire.

There were 22 in the orchestra He became a US citizen in In the s, Bernat Jaulus lead small orchestras, including at the large Portola Restaurant in San Francisco, in which he may also have had a partial ownership beginning in As such, Hadley was fulfilling his promise to recruit the orchestra heavily from musicians of the San Francisco area.

Given the short season and the times of the first concerts, initially Friday afternoons and Sunday afternoons, there was not a conflict between musicians engagements with the San Francisco Symphony, and their work with local theater and hotel orchestras.

Bernat Jaulus left the San Francisco Symphony after the single season. As an active conductor, Jaulus also organized popular "Promenade Concerts" in San Francisco in the late s.

Jaulus also conducted massive orchestral groups at the San Francisco Festival in San Francisco parks. Such orchestra jobs were to be preferred over the San Francisco Orchestra, since they were year-around jobs, unlike the short seasons of the orchestra, even if combined with the San Francisco Opera. Bernat Jaulus died of a heart attach on May 9, in San Francisco at age Clarence Evans was born in St.

Paul, Minnesota April 16, As a youth, he studied violin and viola in Duluth, Minnesota. Clarence Evans joined the orchestra as Principal viola in the season.

He remained Principal viola three seasons When August Plemenik joined the San Francisco Symphony as Principal cello in the season, Clarence Evans moved to the second viola chair position for one season. Clarence Evans continued active in string quartets during his career.

The next season, , Clarence Evans joined the Chicago Symphony Orchestra viola section, where he remained for 27 seasons. Evans became Principal viola in the season and continued until the end of the season. He remained with the orchestra another 11 seasons, retiring at the end of the season. After conducting amateur orchestras in the Chicago area in the early s, in , Evans conducted at least one broadcast concert of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from the Grant Park summer music festival.

From , Clarence Evans was Assistant Conductor of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the training orchestra for young orchestra players. In later years Clarence Evans apparently became heavy in build according to press accounts; he died after His wife Louise, also a musician greatly outlived Clarence, dying in age Wetmore was born in Springfield, Ohio on June 18, He studied first with his music teacher mother Arabella Wetmore and then with Robert Braine in Springfield, Ohio..

According to Etude magazine of May , " During a recent visit to Springfield, Ohio, where he gave a recital, Pugno, the great French pianist, discovered a new musical genius in the person of Master Ralph Wetmore, a fourteen-year-old violinist of Springfield. Pugno, on hearing the lad play a violin solo by Wieniawski, was so delighted that he caught him up in his arms and hugged and kissed him in demonstrative French fashion.

He said if the boy would come to Paris he would With the arrival of Alfred Hertz, Ralph Wetmore moved to the third chair of the first violins early in the season. During the season, he was appointed Principal viola of the San Francisco Symphony by Alfred Hertz in mid-season as a result of the departure of Clarence Evans, to complete Evan's season. However, during the next season, , Wetmore also did not complete the season, being replaced, apparently on an interim basis by Nathan Firestone.

He also taught at the University of California - Berkeley Nathan Firestone in His younger brother Max William Firestone was also a musician, and they may have studied with their father, William Firestone, who earned his living as a traveling salesman in Minneapolis.

Max Firestone played in San Francisco theater and radio orchestras, who also played on cruise ships. In , at age 17 Nathan Firestone had his first professional orchestra position. In January, , Nathan Firestone was one of four new second violins hired by the Orchestra of the University of California in Berkeley This brought the Berkeley orchestra to 67 musicians. He also later played viola in the Berkeley orchestra.

This of course was prior to the creation of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, which would not be founded until six seasons later in In , Nathan Firestone also played in a theater orchestra, probably to supplement his income as did most all musician of that era. Nathan Firestone joined the first violin section of the San Francisco Symphony in its inaugural season Nathan Firestone continued in the first violin section Since this was a summer engagement, Firestone could do this while still fulfilling his San Francisco Symphony duties.

Firestone was active in a number of chamber music groups throughout his career. This included in the s the San Francisco String Quartet: On the appointment of Bernat Jaulus as Principal viola in the season, Nathan Firestone moved either to the second chair in the viola section, or joined the first violins of the San Francisco Orchestra.

In the season, Pierre Monteux again appointed Nathan Firestone as Principal viola, where he remained for five more seasons. Nathan Firestone served in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra for thirty seasons, from its initial season until the end of the season See the description of the career of Bernat Jaulus in the paragraph above. Brahms Quintet of Los Angeles: Rovinsky was a founding member in of the the "Brahms Quintet of Los Angeles", consisting of: After a career in San Francisco, Louis Rovinsky seems to have died prior to Fenster's father, Theodore Fenster, was a violinist, a composer and orchestra leader.

Theodore Fenster also played in the Rosner Orchestra. His mother was a pianist; His sister, Violet Fenster was a successful concert pianist. Lajos Fenster was regarded as a child prodigy. Lajos Fenster joined the San Francisco Symphony in the first violin section in the season. He played violin for three seasons until the end of Fenster was Principal viola for six seasons Then, in the season, under Alfred Hertz, Lajos Fenster moved to the Assistant Concertmaster position, joining the new Concertmaster Mishel Piastro at the first violin stand.

Lajos Fenster was Assistant Concertmaster and Lajos Fenster continued with the San Francisco Symphony until the season. During this time he also taught at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he met his second wife, pianist wife Elizabeth McCoy.

In the latter half of and into , Fenster became progressively more emotionally fragile and upset He suffered a breakdown and missed several concerts during the season; he died during the season on April 29, , age only Romain Verney in Romain Verney was born in France in March 20, He gained entrance to the Paris Conservatoire where he gained his Premier prix in about the Concour.

During this time, he was the stand partner of Pierre Monteux; Monteux was Principal viola of the Concerts Colonne Romain Verney emigrated to the U. In , he was Principal viola of the New York Symphony. Verney joined the Philadelphia Orchestra the same season as Michel Penha , and stayed during the same term. While in Philadelphia, he also was a member of the of the Rich Quartet: Romain Verney was Principal viola in Philadelphia for five seasons from In , Verney moved to California.

Then, during , Verney moved back in the San Francisco viola section, and again after the suspension of the San Francisco Symphony in season, continued until In the season Pierre Monteux advanced his old stand parter to the Associate Principal viola chair of the San Francisco Symphony.

Nathan Firestone was at that time Principal viola. He was stand partner with Principal viola Ferenc Molnar Verney then remained in the viola section for one more season, retiring at the end of after more than fifty seasons of orchestral service. In the late s and into the s, Verney was also a member of the California String Quartet: Naoum Blinder first, William Wolski second, Romain Verney viola, and Michel Penha cello and with the membership changing in later seasons Romain Verney died in San Mateo, California on June 28, , aged 89 after a full career including a half century of leading orchestral work and teaching of several generations of musicians.

Jascha Veissi in He was brother of Harold Veissi, born Chuma Weissman in At some point in Paris, likely later, he formed a friendship with the great Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu whose music he later championed. He joined the violin section of the Cleveland Orchestra in the season. During , he adopted the name of Joseph Veissi and continued with the Cleveland Orchestra first violin section in the season.

He further adapted his name to "Jascha " during Jascha Veissi was advanced to Assistant Concertmaster in Cleveland for four seasons, , and then to Second Concertmaster While in Cleveland, Jascha Veissa also played keyboard , being named Principal piano In , Jascha Veissi relocated to San Francisco, where he joined the orchestra first violins in the season.

Veissi was Seattle Symphony Concertmaster during the summer of Veissi became Principal viola in San Francisco in at which time the symphony suspended its activities. Jascha Veissi then moved to Los Angeles.

Jascha Veissi played viola with the Los Angeles Philharmonic from about At that time, he owned a magnificent property on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles which he later sold to Lauritz Melchior who in turn later sold it to Warren Beatty.

Jascha Veissi played briefly with the Kolisch Quartet in about From about , Jascha Veissi suffered from an injury to his hand, and only gradually regained his playing ability. Then in the mids, Jascha Veissi turned to a solo career, playing with Koussevitzky and the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood in the summer of , and at festivals in the s.

He also joined the Scripps Chamber Music Players in the late s. During most of his career, Jascha Veissi played a Gaspar de Salo viola. Jascha Veissi died in Carmel, California on October 11 General Manager, Food Manufacturing Plant: Employers simply want to know if you can do the job. And think twice before listing multiple awards. Top executives devise and confer awards, not receive them.

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